1920 Essex TouringSOLD
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Estimate: $20,000-$30,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

$10,725 Sold

Specifications: 55bhp, 180 cu. in. inline four-cylinder engine, three-speed sliding gear transmission, rigid front axle and semi- floating rear axle with leaf springs, mechanical rear brakes. Wheelbase: 108.5"

Introduced in 1919 as a lower-priced companion car to the successful Hudson Super Six, the Essex was originally a four-cylinder automobile of considerable performance. The company had gained valuable publicity in 1920 by staging a cross-country run of four cars in four days, 21 hours, and 32 minutes. Earlier, in a separate test at Cincinnati Speedway, a stock Essex had averaged 60.75mph for 50 hours, covering over 3,000 miles in the process! Essex ’ s most practical early triumph, however, was the successful development and introduction in 1922 of the lowest-priced closed coachwork in America, allowing for more economical and less labor-intensive construction.

Finished in red with black bumpers and a black vinyl convertible top, this particular Essex Touring was in the care of the Harrah Collection of Reno, Nevada before passing through Mr. James Sybrant and into the Wiseman Collection in 2004. Despite being an older application, the paint is quite respectable with flaws and shrinkage in certain areas and a smooth, excellent finish in others. The brightwork consists primarily of the headlight shells, which have retained an impressive shine. The brass, however, should be repolished to bring about a nice, lustrous finish. A lovely complement to the red exterior, the seats and side panels appear as new, and are upholstered in tobacco-colored leather. The fit of the leather is truly quite good and seems to have been professionally executed. The steering wheel and instrument panel have aged gracefully and developed a patina, which certainly does not detract from the car ’ s overall quality. Underneath, the frame and floor pans are finished in grey and black, and are quite clean but not necessarily fully restored. Evidence of aging is also visible under the hood but, again, a relatively clean and tidy appearance is maintained throughout. As one of the few available options, matching whitewall spare tires are mounted to the rear of the car.

Sporty, race-winning, and increasingly rare, Essex motorcars continue to be an exciting alternative to their older Hudson brothers. This particular Touring model is very driver friendly and continues to epitomize those ‘ bang-for- the-buck ’ qualities that popularized it in 1920.

Reference Number 14916

as of 11/3/2007

Car 1920 Essex Touring
VIN 26283 
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