1914 Ford Model T SpeedsterSOLD
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Estimate: $20,000-$30,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

$88,000 Sold

Specifications: 22.5hp, 176.7 cu. in. L-head four-cylinder engine, planetary two-speed transmission, front and rear transverse leaf springs, hand-operated rear mechanical brakes and foot pedal-operated driveshaft brake. Wheelbase: 100"

Ford ’ s Model T had first proven its race worthiness as early as 1909, successfully competing in the legendary transcontinental race from New York City to Seattle, Washington. Many young clients recognized Ford ’ s performance pedigree and opted to make certain weight-reducing modifications to the existing Runabout model. Speedsters were distinctive for their circular, steering column-mounted windscreens, oval gas tanks, wire wheels, and for the lack of body panel between the seats and running boards. For 1914, the Model T benefited from styling changes initiated the previous year and which would set the design trend for over a decade. While this was one of the final years for the attractive brass trim, the standard L-head, four-cylinder engine remained, producing upwards of 20 horsepower.

From the monacle windshield to the wire wheels, Mr. Wiseman ’ s Model T features all telltale elements of a Speedster and benefits from an older, but very period correct and detailed restoration. It was acquired at auction in 1998 from noted Model T expert Eric Edwards of Ontario. The light yellow finish is a welcome alternative to the standard black and remains in remarkable overall condition. Cracks and imperfections are visible in certain smaller locations but are generally quite minor. A winged Moto-Meter mascot is perched atop an attractive, Speedster-worthy Livingston radiator, and has been polished to a high luster. Some of the other brass pieces, such as the horn, could benefit from repolishing but are still very presentable. The bucket seats are upholstered in black vinyl and, with the exception of a tear in the passenger seat backrest, are also quite new in appearance. Despite evidence of road use, the engine bay is also well detailed and restored. Other items of interest include a rear-mounted spare wheel, a rear deck-mounted toolbox, and a spotlight fitted to the passenger side running board.

To a certain degree, the brass-era Model T Speedsters established a time-honored American tradition of modifying standard automobiles for the sake of performance, thrills, and private competition. Far from the roads of Main Street, America, the Speedster is among the earliest of purpose-built weekend warriors, suited for the collector and vintage racer alike.

Reference Number 14922

as of 11/3/2007

Car 1914 Ford Model T Speedster
VIN C588366 
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