1927 LaSalle Series 303 PhaetonSOLD
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Estimate: $50,000-$70,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

$35,200 Sold

Specifications: Series 303. 75bhp, 303 cu. in. L-head V8 engine, three-speed manual transmission, semi-elliptic front and rear leaf spring suspension with live axles, four-wheel mechanical drum brakes. Wheelbase: 125"

In March 1927, Cadillac formally introduced the new LaSalle, a “ companion make ” intended to sell at a lower price than the senior Cadillacs. The first design penned by the legendary Harley Earl, then on a contract to Cadillac, the LaSalle was a styling tour de force. Inspired by the great Hispano-Suiza, Earl penned a classic shape, the beltline of open cars flowing from windshield back to the tail of the body. The 1927 LaSalle is considered the first American car to have been styled from concept to reality. Until that time, cars had been designed by “ body engineers. ”

Smaller and lighter than the Cadillac, it was in the same pattern with a similar chassis and scaled-down L-head V8 engine. The Fisher-bodied phaeton, interestingly, was the least expensive LaSalle, its $2,495 price tag $30 less than that of a roadster. This was incredible value, representing Cadillac quality at near-$1,000 savings. Customers responded, buying twice as many LaSalles as Cadillacs in calendar 1927.

This introductory year LaSalle phaeton is an older restoration, nicely presented in red with a tan beltline accent and white pin stripe. Although the paint was applied some time ago and shows signs of age, the overall appearance of the car is striking, with good brightwork and rare optional disc wheels. The body is straight and true, with the exception of a few dents in the apron below the radiator shell. The seats are upholstered in red leather and show some aging but no overt cracking or tears. The floor has deep red pile carpet, which is in average condition, as are the door panels. The steering wheel, however, has noticeable cracks, one on the rim and another straight through one of the spokes.

The car is equipped with a driver ’ s side spotlight, twin Trippe driving lights on the front bumper and dual side-mounted spares with mirrors. The engine compartment, although not concours quality, is clean and presentable, with no unsightly oil or dirt.

A very early example of a LaSalle, this car was reportedly a favorite of the late Senator Barry Goldwater, who frequently used antique cars to draw attention while campaigning. It runs and drives well, and is ready for a new owner to show, tour or simply enjoy.

Reference Number 14925

as of 11/3/2007

Car 1927 LaSalle Series 303 Phaeton
VIN 202548 
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