1926 Chevrolet Superior TouringSOLD
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Estimate: $20,000-$25,000 US

Offered Without Reserve

$13,200 Sold

Specifications: 26bhp, inline four-cylinder engine, three-speed selective sliding gear transmission, right front suspension and semi-floating rear axle with leaf springs, external contracting rear wheel brakes. Wheelbase: 103"

William C. Durant founded Chevrolet with the ultimate intention of regaining control of General Motors. By 1920, however, his grip on GM ’ s reigns was loosened once again, this time by Pierre duPont and Alfred P. Sloan. Although conflict was inherent, GM ’ s new management was in agreement that the Model T could be bested with greater refinement and luxury, all within a lower price range.

Despite the initial setbacks caused by the recalled copper-cooled Chevrolets, significant headway was made in 1923 with the introduction of the Superior series, whose successful sales figures brought it closer and closer within range of the Model T. The Superior, true to its namesake, featured an improved transmission over the Model T ’ s planetary unit, overhead valves, a new one-piece banjo type rear axle, and was offered in a variety of Duco colors. Superiors built after August 1, 1925 were sold as 1926 models and distinguished themselves with Klaxon horns, walnut steering wheels, headlight tie-bars, and an in-dash spark/throttle control.

This particular Chevrolet Superior was purchased in 2004 from an owner in Arizona. Its body and wood spoke wheels are free of obvious damage, and the handsome green paint with gold pin striping and black fenders seems to have been professionally applied to a very nice shine and smooth finish. The little brightwork there is – bumpers, radiator, and Moto-Meter included - could benefit from restoration, although this issue is far from dire. On the other hand, the windshield requires no work and is a two-piece unit, free of any obvious problems. As for the interior, the front and rear black vinyl seating upholstery was fitted very nicely and remains in impressive overall condition. The smart and tidy layout is supported by a matching green dash, black-faced gauges, and wooden steering wheel. Under the hood, the engine bay benefits from an older restoration and, like the undercarriage, maintains a clean, driver-quality appearance.

Whether Chevrolet ’ s Superior was in fact a finer automobile than the Model T is, of course, a matter for continued debate. Nevertheless, the Superior certainly pushed the envelope of affordable refinement and, as presented, offered an attractive finish with competitive mechanicals.

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as of 11/3/2007

Car 1926 Chevrolet Superior Touring
VIN 21K35353 
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