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4hp, single-cylinder water-cooled engine, two-speed transmission, transverse leaf spring suspension. Wheelbase: 53"

The 1893 Duryea is generally considered the first successful gasoline-powered car built in the United States. Credit for its initial conception goes to Charles Duryea, who was inspired by H.K. Sanks ĺ gasoline engine at the Ohio State Fair. In the early 1890s, his brother Frank would complete assembly of their first single-cylinder engine. Producing just four horsepower, it was fitted beneath a buggy-type body, with the cylinder head extending rearward over the axle. The water-cooled engine featured make-and-break electric ignition, and was mated to a transmission comprised of bevel and spur gears operated by vertical movement of the steering tiller.

After a successful first test in Springfield, Massachusetts, and later racing victories enjoyed at home and abroad, the newly founded Duryea Motor Wagon Company became the first American car company to move beyond one- off vehicles into more substantial production. While the brothers went their separate ways in the late 1890s, their first car from 1893 was donated to the Smithsonian in 1920 by Mr. Inglis M. Uppercu, having since been fitted with a gear transmission.

The car offered here was purchased by Mr. Wiseman from an Alabamian collection and is one of three faithful recreations of the 1893 Duryea still on display in Washington. Outstanding and virtually flawless, the car has been finished in black with light green pin striping. The wheels are painted to match the body and are fitted with solid rubber tires. Additionally, the car is equipped with proper twin coach-style lights, which are mounted to the front. The calibre of the paint and the undercarriage is show quality throughout, while the vinyl convertible carriage-style top is likewise as new. Devoid of any defects, the green seat upholstery appears to be of a corduroy cloth. The same superb quality is evident on the suspension, engine, and undercarriage, which are completely detailed and have been professionally refinished to show quality standards.

As the only original 1893 Duryea remains in the care of the Smithsonian, private ownership is limited to recreation models. This particular replica, however, is quite possibly one of the finer examples available and remains in exemplary condition. As asserted by a period advertisement, ô it actually operates under its own propulsion ö .

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as of 11/4/2007

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