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In 1931 Alfa Romeo released the new 2.3 litre supercharged straight eight engined 8C 2300. Three series were produced from 1931 to 1934. The racing cars of this type were known as Monzas after their first successes at the famous Italian circuit. In 1934 the 6C 2300 was introduced. This was an all new design, unlike all Jano's previous designs which were traceable back to the P2. The 8C 2900s of the later 1930s used detuned 2900 Monoposto engines and were some of the fastest production cars of their day. Jano was replaced at Alfa Romeo by Trevisan, who developed the 6C 2300 into the 6C 2500. This continued in production (in ever smaller volumes) throughout World War Two. Production continued until 1950 when the new 1900 saloon was introduced. The 6C 2500 is in many eyes the ultimate development of the classic age of Alfa Romeo, being the final incarnation of one of the greatest models by Vittorio Jano, the greatest engineer of his time. The Alfa Romeo factory team also ran a team of 6C 2500 Spyders on the 1940 Mille Miglia.

This car was delivered to Count Trossi, a significant private entrant of Alfa Romeos in European events and also an owner of an Alfa Romeo Touring Berlinetta, amongst others. Count Trossi, 'Didi' to his friends, was of an old Italian banking family. He was the second president of Enzo Ferrari's racing team and came in second in the 1933 Mille Miglia, as well as competing with some success in several other races and Grand Prix before the war. He died in 1949.

A copy of the estratto cronologico, issued by the Reale Automobile Club d'Italia, sheet number 12098, confirms Count Trossi of Gaglianico as the first owner of chassis 915041 at a price of 79,500 Italian Lire. A later, post-war estratto cronologico, issued by the Bologna office of the Reale Automobile Club d'Italia, confirms that this very car was sold to Luigi (Gigi) PlatÚ on 11th October 1946. Gigi PlatÚ was a very successful racing driver, and it is believed that he used chassis 915041 for various local events, competing against such legends as Franco Cortese, who competed a record 14 times in the Mille Miglia. One of PlatÚ's successes was a respectable 4th in the over 1,100 cc class at the 1946 Circuito di Luino race, which was won by Cortese in his Lancia Astura.

By the 1950s the car was in regular road use with a new Swiss owner, a certain Mr Heinrich Saredi of Kčssnacht am Rigi, at the wheel. It changed hands again, passing to Mr Alois Peyer of the same town; both owners are documented in an official statement from the Swiss Generalstab. The car remained in Switzerland until the 1980s, when it was owned by a Mr Tognazzo and also a Mr Meyer. The restoration of the car began at the start of the 1990s. As the car's original body had been lost by the late 1950s, the restoration was completed with the re-clothing of the rebuilt chassis using an original Touring body from another 6C, a Tipo 256 Corsa Spyder. This body was located in South America, having been removed and saved when the Tipo 256 was re-bodied in the early post-war years. Copies of photographs when the body arrived from South America are on file, and additional louvres cut into the front can still be seen on the car today. The body was carefully restored before being fitted in 1999 and the result of this search for authenticity is a car which, as well as having all correct major chassis components, also carries the original Touring body of a sister car.

Following this amazingly painstaking rebuild the car stunned spectators when it made its post-restoration debut on the 2000 Mille Miglia retrospective. The original Touring lines, being amongst the most stylish of pre-war designs, still generate a reaction with their flowing style and aerodynamic references. This important pre-war Alfa Romeo is mentioned in the authoritative book on the subject, Alfa Romeo 2500 6C by Angelo Tito Anselmi.

Finished in a dark shade of racing red with a light tan leather interior, this car offers stunning levels of both style and performance for a pre-war design and would be very suitable for another running of the Mille Miglia as well as many prestigious events around the world. Offered with current, British-issued FIA papers and various documentation.

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as of 11/21/2007

Car 1939 Alfa Romeo 2500SS
VIN 915041