1967 Sunbeam Alpine Mk. VSOLD
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Estimate: ú3,000-5,000

Sold: ú3,764

Kenneth Howes and Jeff Crompton were tasked with doing a complete redesign in 1956 with the goal of producing a dedicated sports car aimed principally at the US market. Ken Howes contributed some 80% of the overall design work which bears more than incidental resemblance to the early Ford Thunderbird. He had, after all worked at Ford before joining Rootes. The "Series" Alpine started production in 1959 with one of the original prototypes still surviving. It was raced by British saloon car champion Bernard Unett . The Alpine was produced in four subsequent revisions through to 1968. Total production numbered around 70,000 with the car enjoyed relative success in competition both in Europe and in North America but the overall sentiment was that the Alpine lacked power. Successive increases in displacement and engine tuning improved the car tremendously but Rootes executives were looking for something to transform the car, rather than an evolutionary development. They eventually found it in the (then) newly-introduced small-block V8 from Ford, and a subsequent collaboration with Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, and other sports car racers in the US would result in creation of the Sunbeam Tiger. The example presented here today is striking red in colour with a complementary red interior trim. It has clearly undergone an extensive restoration in recent years and the car is described by the vendor as in good to excellent in every respect. The MoT test certificate is for a full 12 months and indeed the MoT inspector involved congratulated the vendor on the underside and general condition of the car. It benefits from a hard top as well as UK registration documents.

Reference Number 15793

as of 11/21/2007

Car 1967 Sunbeam Alpine Mk. V
VIN B3950146150DHRO