1990 Avanti Four-Door SedanSOLD

1990 Avanti Four-Door Sedan

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$ 25,000 - $ 35,000 US

While Studebaker president Sherwood Egbert had envisioned a four-door sedan based on the Avanti way back in 1963, this 1990 Avanti four-door sedan currently on offer is not the result of Egbert's dream. Instead, it's the product of John J. Cafaro's brief tenure as the head of Avanti in the late 1980s. The Avanti four-door, based on a Chevrolet Caprice chassis, is the only vehicle Avanti Automotive Corp. built in 1990. This version of the car was unveiled at the Greater New York International Automobile Show in March 1989..

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as of 3/26/2012

Car 1990 Avanti Four-Door Sedan
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