1951 Bentley Mark VI Four Door SaloonSOLD

1951 BENTLEY Mark VI Four Door Saloon

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Delivered new to a Mr. Bell of Long Island, New York, chassis number B310LNZ left the factory in Crewe, Derbyshire, in February 1952. It is one of approximately 20 cars built in Left Hand Drive with a manual 4 ? speed transmission and the so called ?Big Bore, Small Boot? configuration. Big Bore referred to the engine being a 4.1/2 litre rather than the earlier 4.1/4 litre version of the F-head straight 6 cylinder (overhead inlet, side exhaust), and Small Boot referred to the smaller boot profile, thought by many to be much more attractive than the later R-Type Big Boot version. Also a very unusual factory option for the Mark VI is the huge sliding roof that opens up to allow the occupants to enjoy open air motoring at its best! The independent suspension, 120 inch wheelbase chassis was introduced at the end of 1946 and was the first car produced by Bentley Motors after the Second World War, being the first time they built complete cars rather than just chassis. It is today still considered one of the best engineered chassis the marque ever built, and is almost identical to the R-Type Continental chassis, which frequently sell for over a million dollars at auction. The one-shot chassis lubrication system, operated by a peddle above the clutch drivers left foot, just required ?one-shot? every 500 miles to keep every bearing and bush on the whole chassis lubricated. Restored in the mid-1980?s in Los Angeles with a factory correct silver over midnight blue color combination, with succulent red leather , it was purchased by a major Seattle collector 20 years ago and driven 1,500 miles home. It participated in many Pacific North West tours before being sold to a collector in Pebble Beach, who again, drove it home 1,000 miles from Seattle. Although not fully functional at this time, it is also sporting the factory fitted push button radio with original wooden fascia. Complete with all large and small tools (fitted under the passenger glove box in a sliding tray, along with the very rare correct Left Hand Drive 4.1/2 litre owners hand book) this rare Mark VI Bentley is ready to tour and enjoy. It can be driven daily or across country, and will delight its new owner with smiles and waves from passersby, enchanted by the classic razor-edge lines of this practical beauty.

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as of 7/13/2012

Car 1951 Bentley Mark VI Four Door Saloon
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