1999 Bentley Sedenca CoupeSOLD

1999 Bentley Sedenca Coupe

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$ 95,000 - $100,000 US

1999 Bentley 2 Door Sedenca Coupe. It has about 20,000 miles on it. The exterior has been totally repainted in Black and Silver with an amazing paint job. Well over $25,000 was spent on the paint. The interior has been totally redone with matching gray and black leather. The reason this car is so special is the limited number of them made. I believe there were less that 30 of them made. The roof panels come off and it is a targa top. It is a stunning car and a real head turner.For the complete description or to view additional photos, click here

Reference Number 162890

as of 3/26/2012

Car 1999 Bentley Sedenca Coupe
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