1941 Ford WoodieSOLD

1941 Ford Woodie

$ 80,000 - $100,000 US

The 1941 Ford was considerably restyled from the previous year and with auto production nearing an end as the US became more involved with WWII. A fortunate move for Ford as this meant they still had a relatively new looking car to offer when hostilities ended. The ''woodie'' resulted from an early practice in US auto manufacture of constructing passenger comparments of wood. Their popularity was sufficient that long after all steel bodies were the norm, you could still order trim packages with vinyl applied to the side of a vehicel to simulate a wood appearance. The pre war Ford Woodies among the most desirable having reached hit status with pop culture as they became the vehicle of choice during the surfing craze of the early 60s. Time has only cemented this status as the Woodie enjoys collectible status within the ranks of automotive history or Americana in general..

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as of 3/26/2012

Car 1941 Ford Woodie