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To be sold at the Gooding & Company Amelia Island Auction on March 9, 2012. For further details please visit www.goodingco.com or contact a vehicle specialist at 001.310.899.1960. Engine Specifications: 2,850 CC DOHC Flat 6-Cylinder Engine Twin Turbocharger with Bosch MP-Jetronic Fuel Injection Estimated 600 HP 6-Speed Manual Gearbox 4-Wheel Ventilated Disc Brakes with Hydraulic Assist and ABS Front and Rear Independent Double-Wishbone Suspension with Coil Springs over Shock Absorbers About this Car: In 1984, Porsche won the grueling Paris-Dakar Rally with its 953, a normally aspirated 911 with four-wheel drive. In the battle of all-wheel-drive sports cars, the success marked a significant achievement for Porsche and encouragement for a greater goal. Porsche, together with chief engineer Helmuth Bott, was intent on developing a ?Super Porsche? ? an all-wheel-drive, turbocharged Porsche with ride-height adjustment. With the competition-proven drive systems, Porsche sought to develop the 959 Group B sports car for racing, which necessitated producing a minimum of 200 cars. Per Group B regulations, the displacement of the 959 was limited to a turbocharged powerplant of 2.85 liters. To assure a competitive edge, Porsche sought to advance every possible factor of power output. The 959 was fitted with two turbochargers of differing sizes and differing intentions. The smaller turbo was for quick and initial throttle manipulation, while the larger turbo was set to kick in at 4,300 rpm. The Porsche 959 produced 450 hp out of just 2.85 litres, with the 158 hp/litre capacity marking the highest specific output ever realized in a production car. Putting this power to the ground was an even more developed process. The transmission offered six forward speeds, each of which was intended to break down the 196 mph speed into manageable proportions. With larger brakes fitted under 17" wheels, the 959?s stopping power was even more impressive. More important, however, was the all-wheel- drive arrangement. The transaxle tube included Porsche?s PSK variable-center differential, which manages the torque divisions between the front and rear axle. A second PSK is fitted in the rear axle to work as a form of limited-slip differential. The end result was a traction system that allowed the driver to adapt to road conditions by selecting between ?traction,? ?ice and snow,? ?wet? and ?dry? settings. The technological genius was then clothed in a gorgeous coupe design, which marked many firsts and some one-offs for Porsche. The rear of the car, roof, rocker panels and fenders were made of composite materials, the hood and doors were constructed from aluminum, and the front fascia was made of fiberglass. The resulting structure was light and rigid, as well as aerodynamic ? even at speeds nearing the car?s top end, the body generated no lift. Beginning in 1987, the 959 was offered for sale to the public as Porsche?s absolute super car. In the two short years of production, just 284 customer cars were built and sold. The 959 offered here is an exceptionally pure and low-mileage example with approximately 1,250 miles on the odometer. Fittingly finished in silver over gray leather, this 959 also includes the rare ? and expensive ? leather trim package, which includes many leather-finished details from gauges to knobs. Of most importance, this particular 959 has benefitted from a Canepa Design Phase II upgrade making it a street-legal automobile with significantly increased performance. The Phase II engine system included elimination of the factory-sequential turbo system and installation of an all-new, twin-turbo system, including new Garrett ?Disco Potato? ball- bearing turbos, redesigned waste gates with TiAL diaphragms and titanium heat shields. Camshaft timing was optimized, in addition to blueprinting all intake and exhaust-valve springs. The 959 carries an upgraded fuel system, a modern engine management system with ADL, F1-technology engine-wiring harnesses, a high-output ignition system and various other components. Furthermore, a completely new stainless-steel exhaust system with Porsche original-equipment dual stainless catalytics was utilized. In addition, the entire clutch system has been modified and upgraded to improve pedal feel and actuation. The suspension has been upgraded to 959 S specifications incorporating titanium coil-over springs and Canepa Design?s new gas strut. The end result of the Phase II upgrade can generate nearly 640 hp and 570 lbs./ft. of torque, a 0?60 mph time nearing three seconds and a top speed in excess of 200 mph. Without question, the Porsche 959 remains a legendary and significant motorcar in Porsche?s racing development, road car development and the hierarchical super car phenomenon. This 959 is an exceptional example of one of Porsche?s greatest productioncars.

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as of 3/13/2012

Car 1988 Porsche 959
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
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