1947 HRG 1100SOLD


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Registration No: CJA 181
Engine No: A347Q
CC: 1074
Colour: Green
Trim Colour: Black
MOT: July 2012

Reference Number 167689

as of 4/20/2012

Car 1947 HRG 1100
VIN S84 
Mileage 25,866 miles 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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Known History

Owing its existence to Messrs Halford, Robins and Godfrey, the H.R.G. Engineering Co Ltd's first offering - the aptly named 1½ Litre - was powered by a 1496cc OHV Meadows 4ED engine allied to four-speed Moss transmission. The chassis members were bought in from Rubery Owen and the steering gear sourced from Marles, whilst most of the aluminium-over-ash bodies were crafted by Reall of West London. HRG cars were highly regarded from the outset, their super agile handling and excellent performance making them suitable for all manner of competition as well as everyday use. During 1936, the company established its own premises at Tolworth in Surrey and two years later it launched the 1100 - a short chassis version of the 1½ Litre model equipped with a twin carburettor-fed 1074cc OHC Singer 9 unit. Re-engineered to accept a modified 1496cc Singer powerplant and gearbox, the HRG 1500 supplanted its 1½ Litre forebear shortly before WW2. Peacetime saw a return to car manufacture which continued until 1956. Production figures vary slightly, but are deemed to have totalled 240, of which only 49 were 1100s. The latter, thanks to its lighter engine and shorter chassis was reckoned to have even better road-holding than its 1500 brethren and achieved much sporting success - e.g. Robin Richards winning a 'Coupe des Alpes' in the 1948 Alpine Rally driving his 1100, 'JGJ 80'.


This delightfully patinated 1947 HRG is one of only 42 1100s thought to have been built post-WW2. It was apparently treated to a comprehensive restoration by Brian Morgan and Michael Usher in 1970, since when the odometer has recorded some 25,866 miles. According to the vendor, 'CJA 181' currently has a "very good" gearbox, "good" engine and "satisfactory" bodywork, paintwork and interior trim. The HRG has excellent oil pressure and under current ownership it has been fitted with full flow oil filtration and a 4:1 ratio crown wheel and pinion for more relaxed cruising. It comes complete with hood, twin spare wheels and MOT valid into July.