1933 Lagonda 4.5-Litre M45SOLD

M45 T7 Tourer - One of finest British sports cars ever made!

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The four and a half litre Meadows engined Lagonda is one of the few cars that can deservedly be referred to as iconic. Everything about the car - its size, its looks, its power and its quintessential Englishness seems to insist that you use superlatives when describing it so please excuse me if I wax somewhat lyrical but there aren’t many other cars of this period (or any other for that matter) that have got it quite so right!

This car has a fascinating and indeed somewhat chequered history but when I spoke to a senior member of the Lagonda Club about it he described it as a “treasured relic” which says something about it. I must also note that I am indebted to Tony Loch, who owned the car for over half a century, for writing down its history which I have briefly summarised below.

The car, which is number is 15 making it one of the earliest M45s, was delivered on 20th October 1933 to Nigel Fitzroy who was the agent at Harewood House, home of the Earl and Countess of Harewood. It has apparently been said that he bought cars for members of the Royal Family but there is no evidence that this car was one of them. It was subsequently bought in 1949 by a Mr Cope of Nottingham who traded in his Speed 6 Bentley plus gave a further £150 to make up the then £400 asking price – he obviously regarded it as an upgrade which tells you something though there is no record of the condition of the Speed 6!

Mr Cope entered the 1951 Tulip Rally but unfortunately crashed the car in the Ardennes. It was sufficiently badly damaged that in order to rebuild it they had to acquire a second hand M45 chassis and also bought a later Meadows spare engine which had originally been intended for military use. Mr. Cope sold the car in 1953 to Roddy Hill Smith and Tony Loch bought it from him in 1957. He then kept the car until two years ago during which time he did a lot of work on it which is summarised in his history. He says in his notes he found that as he got older he found it less easy to drive so although it was a big wrench he decided that after 53 years it had to go so he sold it to a specialist old car dealer from whom the present owner bought it. He in turn is reluctant to sell it but has just bought a property in Europe which requires funds so the Lagonda will sadly have to go - still at least his loss could be your gain!.

Everything about its appearance is impressive and when you start the engine the noise tells you that you are in for an enjoyable ride. It isn’t just show as there is masses of power which just keeps on coming and it is surprisingly responsive and revs very readily. There seem to be more dashboard instruments than you would expect to find in a light aeroplane cockpit so you know what’s going on and the key items like oil pressure and water temperature are always nice and stable even on a hot day. The short right hand gear lever comes readily to hand and gear changes are fast and easy so progress is very rapid – you certainly won’t be holding up modern traffic – in fact they are more likely to be in your way!

This Lagonda will not win you any concours prizes as it has the sort of patina which can only be acquired with age and regular use, so if you want to win cups for highly polished cars then consider it no further! However if you would like a really classic piece of British motoring that carries its age with dignity but still has the power to leave lesser vehicles a long way behind then this may be just the car for you!

Reference Number 167997

as of 12/4/2012

Car 1933 Lagonda 4.5-Litre M45
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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