1989 Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo 3.3 CabrioletSOLD
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After pioneering the use of turbochargers in racing, Porsche introduced one of the first turbocharged production cars ever, the 930 Turbo, in 1976. Employing a large tail to provide downforce (and later, clear the intercooler), as well as dramatically flared fenders to clear the wider wheels, the body of the Turbo was aggressive and would soon become an iconic form that would be immortalized, among other places, on the walls of many schoolboys. Early Turbos were difficult, even frustrating to drive, however, with pronounced turbo lag, only four widely spaced gear ratios to exacerbate the lag (Porsche did not yet have a 5-speed that could handle the torque), and iffy brakes. By 1989, Porsche had developed the car significantly: upping power and displacement, and finally, introducing a 5-speed gearbox. This 5-speed G50 gearbox was available on the 930 in 1989 only, while 1989 also represented the last of the torsion bar (and some say `original�) 911`s and Turbos, making the 1989 Turbos by far the most desirable of the 930`s. A convertible version of the Turbo had been introduced some years earlier, and just 200 were built in 1989, making this car a very rare find indeed.

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Reference Number 17135

as of 12/28/2007

Car 1989 Porsche 911 / 930 Turbo 3.3 Cabriolet
VIN WP0EB0937KS070244 
Exterior / Interior Color      Black /      Grey 
Mileage 100,745 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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