1932 Alvis 12/50 TJ Ducksback by LambourneSOLD

1932 Alvis 12/50 TJ by Lambourne

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The 12/50 was the car which really marked the arrival of Alvis as a serious and successful car maker and set the standard for the remainder of the company's car production. Alvis took the basic side valve design and converted it to pushrod overhead valves in 1923. All subsequent production Alvis cars had overhead valves. It was immediately apparent that this was a quite exceptional 1500cc sports car and, with minor changes, it was reborn as the immortal 12/50; the very quintessence of the vintage sports car. The 12/50 was produced over a long period but discontinued in 1929 when the firm pinned its faith on the front-wheel drive models. When these failed to win wide acceptance, the 12/50 was hastily re-introduced and is believed to have saved the firm.
Most of the early examples had overtly sporting coachwork, either the classic ducks-back on the 9'0½" chassis or a rakish four seat tourer on the 9'4½" length but as the vintage decade progressed the range of styles increased to include less sporting tourers and a variety of saloons. Front wheel brakes, of Alvis design, were added in 1924, a gear driven dynamo replaced the earlier belt-drive instrument in 1926, along with a new platform chassis frame of great strength. Most examples were capable of 75-80 mph, if not grossly over bodied, with excellent roadholding and direct, positive steering. The 12/50 was an immensely robust and versatile car, well-designed, well-built, easy to service and simple to repair. The performance and roadholding were outstanding for a 1½ litre car of the time and it must be said that it possessed a large measure of an elusive and ephemeral commodity called character.

Reference Number 183514

as of 9/14/2012

Car 1932 Alvis 12/50 TJ Ducksback by Lambourne
VIN 9705 
Mileage 8,718 miles 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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