1929 Packard 633 LimousineSOLD

1929 Packard 633 Limousine

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For fans of the Classic era, there are few names more impressive and desirable than Packard. Luxurious, powerful, exceptional machines, cars like this 1929 Packard 633 limousine were top-of-the-line transportation for people who could have anything they wanted. With a fresh restoration, this lovely 7-passenger vehicle is ready to show and tour anywhere. Packard made things easy with their names, with the 633 being the Sixth Series (Packard didn't really use model years) on a 133.5-inch wheelbase. There was also a smaller 626 plus larger 640 and 645 models, but they all had the same intrinsic Packard quality. Only a handful of 633 7-passenger limousines were built, and given the costs of restoring one to this condition, it's no surprise that very few survive today. Finished in elegant burgundy with black trim and fenders, it's stately and formidable, just as you'd expect from a car such as this. Fit and finish are exemplary, and the lines between the colors are crisp, suggesting a lot of care went into the paint job. All the chrome has been refinished, definitely an expensive proposition and the original Adonis hood ornament is finely detailed and in excellent condition. If you think the pictures look good, you will be blown away when you see this one in person - this car is truly amazing. Inside, the sumptuous interior has been likewise restored to a very high level. Since this car was designed to be chauffeur-driven, the front compartment is durable black leather, as original, because Packard designers knew the driver would be in and out of the car frequently in all types of weather. The rear compartment was trimmed in more luxurious cloth (remember it was only fairly recently that leather became the luxurious upgrade in automotive interiors), complete with deep pile carpets and matching jump seats folding out of the front seatback. The lovely woodgraining throughout the passenger compartment has been fully restored, and all the gauges are operational. When the divider window is up, there's also a microphone with which passengers may speak with the driver, an elegant feature beautifully executed and brilliantly functional. Power comes from Packard's durable and reliable 320 cubic inch straight-8. Although it is regarded as the Standard Eight by today's enthusiasts, it still embodies all the precise tolerances and impeccable engineering for which Packard was famous. It spins to life easily and idles so smoothly you may have to check to be sure it's still running. A 3-speed manual transmission requires double-clutching, as synchronizers were still a year or two away, and a set of 4.69 gears out back means that the big sedan accelerates reasonably well and cruises at 50 MPH without difficulty. Brakes are 4-wheel mechanical drums, so plan your stops, and few cars look better with disc wheels than a senior Packard. Five new Firestone wide whites have been installed, making this one as ready as they get. There's a reason all Packards of this vintage are Full Classics and why they always find new homes quickly. Big, impressive, and very roadworthy, this Packard limousine represents the very best of the Classic Era, and is a joy to drive. Call today!

Reference Number 188398

as of 7/25/2015

Car 1929 Packard 633 Limousine
VIN 00000000244217 
Mileage 746 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car