1966 Ford F100SOLD

1966 Ford F100

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This 1966 Ford F100 is a cool mix of basic truck goodness and very slick custom. The bodywork is amazingly good, done to a much higher standard than the typical truck restoration, and the thundering 427 cubic inch dual-quad engine under the hood suggests something very special is going on with this one. Go try to find an F100 as nice as this; they simply don't exist. Before trucks were cool, these were used up and thrown away, but somehow, somewhere, these guys found an awfully nice one and gave it a show-quality facelift. Look how well that character line traces from the hood, through the doors, then down along the bed sides. It's as straight as a ruler. Note how flush the doors fit, and how nicely the bed tucks up behind the cab. That doesn't just happen, that's the result of hours of tedious hand work. Then put on a correct Rangoon Red finish that looks totally perfect for the mid-60s, and hit the road in style with chrome bed rails. Try to find a straight bumper or a perfect grille for one of these, too-talk about scarce! Although finished several years ago, this one has been meticulously maintained since complete - mostly driven to the local car shows and cruise-ins. Of course, they didn't forget that this was still a truck, so while the bed is as nicely finished as the body, it's still ready, willing, and able to work. Just on first glance, this truck is a slam-dunk. That vibe extends inside where it has been artfully updated to create a comfortable and stylish driving environment. The original bench seat has been recontoured so you fit better behind the wheel, and then covered in black velvet that's actually quite comfortable. The original door panels have been finished to match, and the original dash was painted to match the body, then wrapped in black vinyl to match the seat sides. A modern HVAC system was fitted under the dash in a way that makes it look like a period-correct dealer-installed accessory, and with R134a refrigerant it blows cold and will be easy to service in the future. There's also the original AM radio, which is a nice piece of nostalgia in the old truck, and with tinted windows, it looks cool and stays cool on hot days. Ford's workhorse 352 cubic inch V8 engine is long gone, but you won't miss it once you see the monstrous 427 they stuffed in there instead. Combined with a C6 automatic transmission and a 9-inch axle out back, it's a rugged powertrain that will always get you where you need to go. Topped with dual quads, it looks like a Thunderbolt engine found its way under the hood. Power steering and power brakes mean you can cruise without breaking a sweat, and there's just no sign of rust or neglect anywhere on this truck. The chassis is relatively stock, making this one heck of a sleeper, although the rumbling dual exhaust system might give you away at stop lights. 15-inch aluminum wheels look good but don't show off, so your secret is safe unless they notice the 427 badges on the flanks. Oh, and those fat 275/60/15 Goodyears definitely help hook it up. This is a very cool truck that you won't see at every show. Nicely finished with a metric ton of performance, it proves that good taste never goes out of style. Call today! This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

Reference Number 204943

as of 6/6/2013

Car 1966 Ford F100
VIN F10YC872457 
Mileage 71,651 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Automatic 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
See all the Images for this Car