1980 Ferrari 308 GTB 288 GTO conversionSOLD

308GTB with a very wild 288 GTO conversion

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S/n 34555.

1980 USA model.
Now a very wild 308/288 GTO conversion finished in black with carbon fiber seats covered in red cloth. The body is a full look alike 288 GTO body complete with big flares, splash guards and correct vents. There are no front headlights, though there are Hella driving lights. The car also has correct modular deep-dish centre-lock wheels with highly polished rims and a 288 GTO Evoluzione-style adjustable rear wing wrought in carbon fibre of the highest quality. The rest of the car features extensive use of carbon fibre as well. The air intake ducts for the motor are beautifully made carbon fibre and are aesthetically pleasing as well (these alone were about $10,000). The shut faces of the engine compartment are also carbon fibre, as are the insets of the front NACA ducts and air extractor duct from the alloy radiator. The interior too features extensive carbon fibre which has been employed in the sills, dashboard, floors, doors, rear view mirror, and seats, which are Sparco items. There are also 5-point Sparco harnesses. The interior carbon fibre is the yellow and black weave type more commonly seen in F40's. The interior also includes recent digital instrument cluster, sundry other gauges and drilled aluminum pedals. The information provided by these gauges includes manifold pressure, charge temperature, exhaust temperatures etc. The dashboard itself is covered in stitched alcantara and there is a chromed roll bar as well. Between the seats are knobs for the adjustable turbocharger boost and for the brake bias. The brakes are custom-machined Brembo components with two piece rotors and aluminum hats. All windows, including front screen are plexiglass and the doors have sliding side windows, Ó la F40 LM. The engine cover is also plexiglass, allowing a view of the motor, which is based on a 328 Quattrovalve unit and has Carrillo rods, oil coolers, twin intercoolers and twin Turbonetics turbochargers running ~7-10 pounds of boost. There are also direct atmospheric wastegate pipes that exit below the license plate next to the outlets of the straight exhaust. The gearbox is a Porsche G50 5-speed. There is also an integrated OMP fire-extinguishing system and recent Motec engine management.

The original conversion was commissioned by Mel Spillman and executed by Jim Carpenter of Arizona, who did several 288 GTO conversions in the late 80's as well. It is estimated that Spillman spent about $400,000 on the car. The car was subsequently sold to John Goodman of Seattle who has since spent over $160,000 on engine and transmission rebuilds by Caribou Engineering as well as a thorough going-over (2002-2004). The result is a car with dyno sheets showing more power than an F40LM with turbo upgrade (~530hp). The car is currently set up for street use (though the legality of such is questionable) and has new tires in dimensions 265/45/16 and 335/35/17!

Reference Number 219

as of 5/27/2006

Car 1980 Ferrari 308 GTB 288 GTO conversion
VIN 34555 
Exterior / Interior Color      Black /      Red 
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