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By the late 1950s Enzo Ferrari had been producing limited edition road cars for nearly 10 years, but was still concentrating mainly on competition models of various types. What he now needed, especially since Maserati had just introduced their first road car destined for 'full-scale production', was a car that could built in larger numbers and to a more uniformed design. The 250 series of cars, which had begun with the 250 Europa G.T back in 1954, provided the basis for this new model. Thus the new 250 G.T coupe was born in mid 1958. It featured the classic Colombo 60╝ V12 engine displacing 2953cc and developing 240 bhp at 7,000 r.p.m. The early cars had a single distributor, which proved troublesome, and were retrofitted with two distributors at factory expenses in most cases. The 128F engine was soon adopted with outside spark plugs and a new 4-speed gearbox using an electrically activated 5th speed over-drive. By early 1959 most of the cars were fitted with disc brakes as standard, whilst later that year telescopic shock absorbers replaced the previously used lever variety. Some 350 cars were made before production stopped in 1960: the model was a great success for Ferrari.

Chassis number 1623 is probably one of the most significant 250 GT's in existence, certainly one of the best known. It left the Ferrari works at the beginning of 1960 as a Pininfarina - Bodied coupe, but was returned to Modena in 1964, along with 250 G.T convertible number 1777 G.T, to be rebodied by specialist coachbuilders Neri & Bonacini were famous for their rebodying of Ferrari sports and racing cars, and they also made all the chassis for early 350 G.T Lamborghinis. The light alloy Berlinetta body that they created specially for chassis number 1623 was very aggressive, but at the same time remarkably elegant and classical in appearance. The front end styling, as indeed the overall effect, is remarkably similar to a 1964- type GTO, and the car shares the same low stance, long graceful nose and purposeful chopped- off tail treatment. It is a design which epitomizes to most people the GT Ferrari par excellence, as much as today as 40 years ago. Indeed, the sister car to this chassis number 1777GT, was bodied similarly but as a spyder, and one notes many affinities between that car and Chinetti's legendary 275 NART spyder which followed nearly two years later.

These two special 250 GT's were christened 'Nembo': a combination of the two names of their coachbuilders, but also a reference to the Nembo Kid who was Italian counterpart of Superman. Both cars are well- chronicled in the authoritative Ferrari works of literature (see 'Ferrari: Forty Years on the Road' by Stanley Nowak, pp.78-79, and 'Ferrari 250 G.T. Competition Cars by Jess Pourret, p.142 and p.146), although there is sometimes confusion between the chassis numbers of the Berlinetta and the spyder. Both books state that the cars wheelbases were shortened to 2,400 mm as per the SWB and GTP, whilst Pourret remarks that the results of the transformation are extremely pleasing.

The Nembo Berlinetta underwent restoration with Graber in Switzerland between 1984 and 1985. Having however spent most of its life beforehand in the benign climate of the United States the car required no major work. The vendor informs us that 1623 is fitted with a 128C competition engine, using a compression ratio of 9:2:1 and three Weber 36 DCL 3 carburettors (similar to the Tour de France), developing 250 bhp at 7,000 rpm. Also fitted from new are Dunlop disc brakes. The car is painted Rosso Corsa, whilst the interior is upholstered in black leather.

It is unlikely that the Nembo Berlinetta or its sister car will ever again be offered for sale at auction, if at all. The chance thus presents itself to acquire one of the most beautiful, and indeed unique, of all Ferraris.

Probably the most significant 250 GT in existence. With coachwork by Neri and Bonacini, this Ferrari is well known to Ferrari connoisseurs and features in Ferrari works (Ferrari: 40 years on by Stanley Nowac, and Ferrari 250GT Competition Cars by Jess Pourret). With the same wheel base as both the GTO and 250 SWB cars with dramatic styling by one of Italy's well respected coachbuilder of the time, this is a highly unusual and very desirable Ferrari with a unique history and provenance.

Wahrscheinlich der signifikanteste Ferrari 250 GT den es gibt. Mit einer Karrosserie von Neri und Bonacini, ist dies ein in Ferrarikreisen sehr bekanntes Auto und wird auch in mehreren Ferrari-Buchern erwaehnt: ("Ferrari: 40 Years On" von Stanley Nowak und "Ferrari 250 GT Competition Cars" von Jess Pourret).

Dieser 250 GT hat den gleichen Radstand wie sowohl der GTO als auch der 250 SWB und einer aufregenden Formgebung von einem der besten Karrosseriebauer Italiens und ist somit ein ungewoehnlicher und sehr attraktiver Ferrari mit einer einzigartigen Geschichte.

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as of 7/17/2006

Car 1959 Ferrari 250 Nembo
VIN 1623GT 
Exterior / Interior Color      Red 
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