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The TA was to be the first of a line of T series MG cars that spanned two eras of pre- and postwar motoring. There were to be six models in all; A-F, and they were the last of the traditional MG sports cars. The new TA was longer and wider than its predecessor, the P-Type Midget, the car was also much more comfortable and roomier and had the luxury of hydraulic brakes.  The quality and straightforward design soon won over the stalwart overhead camshaft brigade as the TA had kept all the most desirable features and the larger engine provided much more pulling power throughout the range. This ensured that the car held its own in competition and the roomier body and improved and more comprehensive weather equipment made the car altogether a more exciting prospect for touring. The TA was only available as a two-seater, unlike many of its predecessors, and the car remained virtually unchanged throughout its production life.
With the vendor's family all working at the Abingdon Plant and this, an Abingdon car, it seems entirely appropriate that many happy miles have been driven in one another's company. Acquired through Terry Bone, renowned MG T series specialist, but with little history, this extremely original example runs like a Swiss clock. Hugely reliable as demonstrated during recent rallies to France, Goodwood and Brooklands, the patina seeps from every pore. The clutch, brakes and electrics have all been overhauled and the canvas convertible hood is in good order. Perfect for a rolling restoration or simply for enjoying during the summer months, this charming example cannot fail to remind you what classic motoring is all about.

Reference Number 225096

as of 6/4/2013

Car 1936 MG TA
VIN TA0309 
Mileage 27,530 miles 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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