1932 Plymouth PB Convertible CoupeSOLD

1932 PLYMOUTH PB Convertible Coupe

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The production of Chrysler Plymouth's began in 1928, and facing stiff competition, the Plymouth marque was still able to establish Chrysler as one of the top three automakers in the United States. Their cars were sturdy and dependable and soon became a style leader. The most advanced car in its price class was the 1932 Plymouth PB series, which introduced a combination of features not be offered on competing models for nearly a decade. The PB’s were fitted with contemporary one-piece front fenders and free-standing chrome headlamps. An upgraded frame now used a rigid 'X' construction. The 112-inch wheelbase utilized semi-elliptic springs and a floating rear axle. The 196 cubic-inch four cylinder engines were improved and produced 65 horsepower, utilizing full-pressure engine lubrication with an oil filter as standard equipment, as well as aluminum alloy pistons. Engine power was transferred through a sliding gear three-speed manual transmission. “Freewheeling" was another feature, and once turned on via a dash mounted pull switch, the car would coast without the transmission engaged or without experiencing engine braking. While Plymouth’s competitors were still using cable actuated mechanical brakes, the PB’s utilized Lockheed four-wheel hydraulic drums, now fitted with “centrifuse” (steel drums with a fused cast iron friction surface). An independent hand brake was also featured. Plymouth’s patented “Floating Power” rubber engine mount system was an advancement that reduced vibration and noise. Compared to the less expensive PB roadster models, the PB Convertible Coupe was fitted with roll up windows and taller doors, along with a larger, more finished and robust convertible top. This PB Convertible Coupe is in excellent all-around condition, having been displayed at the Saratoga Automobile Museum, and last year it was shown at the Muckenthaler Concours d’Elegance. The cream/green paint shines better than new. Chrome and bright-work show very well. The prominent stately grille has recently been re-chromed and the radiator shell gleams like it should, set off on top by the Plymouth flying lady mascot radiator cap and ceramic Mayflower ship emblem. The tan convertible top fabric and related chrome plated hardware appear as nearly new. All the spoke wheels have recently been sand blasted and repainted in the correct black finish. There are new wide whitewall tires as well. The 65 hp four-cylinder engine is correct and properly painted, with the engine bay and accessories detailed appropriately. Looking inside, the interior is fitted with the appropriate and original type rubber mats, tan upholstery and door panels, painted dash, with matching upholstery in the rumble seat. The rear mounted spare is fitted with a cover to match the tan convertible top. In an expensive process, a new gas tank was custom fabricated using the old tank as a pattern, with a wooden plug formed to make an exact replica of the original. She fires up easily via the foot actuated starter, utilizing the operational choke if necessary. Her engine runs smoothly, with steering, brakes, suspension and transmission operating as they should. All fluids have been recently changed, the suspension greased and carburetor serviced. A new 8-volt battery was custom made and fitted, allowing for more cranking power at start-up, while remaining compatible with the original 6-volt electrical system. Lights and gauges function properly as well, except for the speedometer, which likely only needs a new cable. This PB Convertible Coupe can be driven and enjoyed right away. Put the top down, have some friends or family hop in (the rumble seat is always favored by the kids), and hit the road. This is a rare piece of pre-war American history, with very few of the 4853 PB Convertible Coupes produced for 1932 still in existence.

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as of 6/19/2014

Car 1932 Plymouth PB Convertible Coupe
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car