1976 Porsche 911S TargaSOLD

Delivered new to Germany

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The first of countless up-grades to Porsche's perennial 911 came in 1966 with the introduction of the 911S. Easily distinguishable by its stylish Fuchs five-spoked alloy wheels, the 'S' featured a heavily revised engine producing 160bhp. A lengthened wheelbase introduced in 1969 improved the 911's handling, and then in 1970 the air-cooled, 'flat six' engine underwent the first of many enlargements: to 2.2 litres. In 1974 all 911 variants received the 2.7-litre unit, hitherto reserved for the Carrera, when the latter went to 3.0 litres. Although in non-Carrera tune the 175bhp (DIN) 2.7-litre unit made slightly less power than the old '2.4', it had been skilfully reworked to produce significantly more torque over a much wider rev range, and offered noticeably improved acceleration. Coupled to tolerance of low-lead petrol, vastly superior fuel consumption, and increased tank capacity, the new 911 proved superior to its predecessor in every way as a fast, long-distance tourer. Two years after the coupé's introduction in 1964, a convertible 911 - the 'Targa', named in honour of Porsche's numerous victories in the Sicilian classic – became available. Expected US safety legislation had prompted an ingenious approach to the soft-top 911, the Targa sporting a hefty roll-over bar to protect the occupants in the event of an inversion, together with removable roof and rear hood sections, which were stowed in the boot. For 1969 a quieter and less leak-prone fixed rear window replaced the less than perfect rear hood, and the ever-popular Targa would continue in this form well into the 1990s, sharing countless mechanical and styling developments with its closed cousin along the way. This matching-numbers 911S Targa was invoiced by the factory in March 1976 and despatched to the Hahn dealership in Fellbach, Germany. The car was delivered finished in the popular Grand Prix White livery, with black vinyl/tartan fabric interior, and left the factory equipped with the following options: radio antenna, front/rear anti-roll bars, 'S' instruments, black exterior trim, and tinted window glass. Owned by the president of the ELPA classic car club in Greece for many years, this 911 has never been abused (with no known accidents) and is described by the vendor as in generally very good condition. Accompanying documentation consists of a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity, and Italian and Greek registration papers.
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as of 8/16/2017

Car 1976 Porsche 911S Targa
Exterior / Interior Color      British Racing Green /      British Racing Green 
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