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1970 Pontiac GTO

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Legends are earned the hard way, and not every car with a big engine from the muscle car era qualifies. But one special car that can do it – and do it all day long - carries the intimidating name of 'The Judge'. Pontiac's top GTO, The Judge was everything that was great about muscle cars, all rolled up into the most outrageous wrapper you can imagine. So when you see this Canadian-built 1970 GTO Judge, complete with its numbers-matching powertrain and a top-flight restoration, remember that you're in the presence of greatness. Were there any differences between Canadian and US-built Judges? Well, not really. Same great shape, complete with the Endura front bumper splitting the grilles, same outrageous colors and graphics, and the same dedication to performance. So the main difference in owning a Canadian built model like this one is that you're owning something even that much more rare. The exhaustive and thorough restoration was completed just a few years ago, but don't be surprised if you were to look at it and think it just rolled off the assembly line yesterday. The paint is a very accurate re-creation of the factory Pepper Green, and bearing in mind that this was 1970, it was a very popular choice. The finish work on this restoration is exemplary, done to a very high standard as you'd expect in a car of this pedigree. It also carries a correct Ram Air III hood, a rear wing, and beautiful reproduction Judge decals, including the brash fender flare accents and stylized "The Judge" emblems. Finish quality is impressive, with a great shine to the paint, sharp steel creases, nice panel alignment, and a high-quality overall look that suggests the guys putting it together knew it was, well, a legend. They did the chrome, too, so the rear bumper sparkles, the stainless trim glitters, and it's all very impressive in person. Given the theme here, it only seems fitting that Legendary supplied the interior of this GTO. That means exact reproduction seat covers, correct door panels, and properly woven carpets that replicate the originals quite nicely. The color is rather unusual but also very appropriate in the green Judge, and with a few upscale accents, Pontiac was able to position the Judge not as a price-leader as originally intended (it was to be a Super Bee competitor), but rather as the top-of-the-line from GM's performance division. The woodgrained dash features a full array of instruments, including a tachometer, although it also includes the usual trio of aftermarket dials down low. The center console is simple and houses a Hurst T-handle shifter for the 4-speed gearbox. An original AM radio remains in the dash, one of the car's few options, and the trunk is correctly outfitted with a full-sized spare and jack assembly. Pontiac's legendary 400 cubic inch V8 provides motive power, and this is indeed the car's original, numbers-matching powerplant. Topped by a Holley carb underneath that Ram Air intake system, it barks to life easily and rumbles menacingly through a pair of Flowmasters. Proper chrome valve covers and Pontiac Turquoise paint keep the engine compartment looking quite stock, and there are new components everywhere you look, from the alternator to the brake booster. Long-tube headers bolster low-end torque and a the aforementioned 4-speed gearbox powers 3.55 gears, so it's equally happy on the street or the highway. Handsome Pontiac Rallye II wheels are fitted and wear period-correct G70-14 Goodyear redline tires that emphasize just how correct this car is. Documented with a build sheet and other PHS papers, this is an investment-grade Judge from our friends north of the border. And it is, of course, legendary. Call today!

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Car 1970 Pontiac GTO GTO
VIN 2423701106257 
Mileage 13,597 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
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