1906 Delaugere & Clayette Open Drive LandauletteSOLD
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This powerful and very high quality French built car was manufactured by Delaugere, Clayette, Freres et Cie in Orleans. The is make is very little known outside its region of origin, let alone outside France. Georgano says that they were apparently never exported though this car does carry a very early English registration number which could indicate a private import. The four cylinder engine, which is believed to be rated at 35 hp (RAC), shows evidence of being modified from trembler to magneto ignition. It is believed that the trembler feature was only available before 1904 which could either indicate that the car is earlier than 1906 or that the factory used an "old stock" engine casting which they updated to their latest specification before this car was sold. The engine has mechanical inlet valves which again look to be a factory modification. The earlier cars had automatic valves but again it could be that the company was using up old stocks of engine castings. It has a four speed gear box with a side quadrant mounted gearlever. Final drive is by chains on either side at the rear. Although the very stylish body has been restored it shows all the signs of being highly original. The interior has been retrimmed in high quality beige cloth with the chauffeur's seat being finished in tan leather. The carriage style vertically sliding windows are fitted with bevelled glass and the rear opening roof is in leatherette. The paint is generally very good indeed as are the wheels and tyres. We have sought expert professional opinion and their view is that the car dates from 1905 or at the latest 1906.

Reference Number 2570

as of 7/29/2006

Car 1906 Delaugere & Clayette Open Drive Landaulette
Exterior / Interior Color      Red /      Tan 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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