1925 Cadillac Series 314 Sportsmans CoupeSOLD
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Cadillac is very much in the top echelon of American manufacturers and this car ably demonstrates why they are so well thought of. It is a very stylish machine which has a really powerful presence, all aspects of its mechanicals are obviously very well built and the same high standard is evident in the coachwork and interior finish. It is usually the details which give away a car's status, in this case just two examples of the care put into building it are the engraved glass side wind deflectors and its superbly finished wooden steering wheel. Its cloth interior is comfortable and very smart and you can't help but notice lovely feature like the interior door handles and the smart clear instrument panel. The V8 engine is smooth and surprisingly quiet, there is none of the accentuated noise of later V8s here! The clutch is easy to use and with a little practice gearchanges are easy on the three speed gearbox which is smooth and quiet, as indeed is the rest of the transmission and suspension. The car rides well and gives the impression that it will just go and go forever. This is a vintage car for people who like their automoblies to make a real statement. It will attract attention at any show and can hold its head up amongst the best of them!

Reference Number 2575

as of 7/29/2006

Car 1925 Cadillac Series 314 Sportsmans Coupe
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Blue /      Beige 
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