1931 Alvis 12/50 12/50SOLD
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I know that as a 1931 car this is not strictly Vintage in VSCC terms but a 12/50 is really such an archetypal vintage car it seemed wrong to put it anywhere else! This car has been in the same family ownership for over forty years and has clearly been well used in that time. It is sound and very driveable with that surprising turn of speed that 12/50s provide for the enthusiastic driver of vintage motor cars. It is definitely no show car but is very proper and useable and can be driven just as it is or sympathetically renovated whilst in use as nothing appears to require any thing more serious than a few cosmetics, if indeed you wanted to change anything. It is a really good old vintage car - just as they used to be - and is a bit of a rarity in being an Alvis 12/50 saloon that has not been turned into a replica tourer or a special!

Reference Number 2582

as of 7/29/2006

Car 1931 Alvis 12/50 12/50
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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