1986 Porsche 962 IMSA Sports Prototype RacerSOLD
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Body Type - IMSA Sports Prototype Racer
Engine - Mid-engine 3.2-liter turbocharged flat-6
Transmission - 5-speed manual
Mileage - Inquire

This is one of the last "one-owner from new" 962s left in existence. Most experts consider it to be one of the very finest examples based on both originality, current condition as well as specific racing history.

This car was sold shortly after the end of a four-year race career in 1989 to its one and sole private owner.

It has since then been carefully preserved and sparingly used in a variety of club and show events only.

This is the first time this car has been available for purchase in nearly 20 years and as such is an opportunity not like to repeat itself again for many years to come!

Below is the specific history as well as recent photos of this amazing car.

This is a one-owner form new, Porsche Factory Tub and Porsche Factory Built Car. It was delivered new from Porsche client services to the BF. Goodrich factory supported team in Mach of 1986.

The cars was assigned to various drivers including Jim Busby. Bob Wollek, Wally Dallenbac, John Andretti and Jochen Mass to name just a few.

This car was actively campaigned by B.F. Goodrich for the entire 1986 through 1989 Season. The car was raced initially under just the B.F. Goodrich Team Livery but later under the Miller Beer / B.F. Goodrich Livery and as such is one of the most remembered as well as outright successful of the IMSA 962s.

This car competed in nearly 40 IMSA Championship races failing to finish in just eight of these events. With five podium finishes and numerous fastest laps, 961-119 is one of the all-time most successful as well as prolifically raced 962s ever built.

At the end of 1989 Season, the Porsche factory wanted to use the car for a series of promotional commercials. They then contracted through Jim Busby to have the car thoroughly reconditioned. The car then received a full Porsche / Rothman's sticker kit and paint job faithful to the Factory Rothman / Porsche Race Livery. This is the sole IMSA 962 that Porsche gave such treatment to.

In 1989, the car was sold through Jim Busby and Frank Gallogly to noted Porsche Collector and Racer, Dr. Pedro Romero or South Glastonbury, Connecticut.

This car was faithfully serviced for many years by noted mark expert Kevin Jeannette and his team at Gunnar Racing in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In 2003 the car was given a complete and thorough overhaul by by Paul Willison from Willison Werkestatt in Lakeland, Florida.

The car has 8 hours running time since Wilson performed a complete overhaul including chassis, engine, new fuel cell, new windshield, brakes, rotors, suspension, etc. All critical parts were dye checked and X-rayed for complete safety and reliability.

This car is sold with one extra set of original wheels, extra nose for the track with improved aerodynamics in matching Rothman's livery. One extra improved tail still in the original Miller / B.F. Goodrich Livery also accompanies the car. The car also still has the special 5 gallon manual feeder to fit the high pressure receptor.

Reference Number 2713

as of 8/1/2006

Car 1986 Porsche 962 IMSA Sports Prototype Racer
VIN 962-119 
Exterior / Interior Color White / Blue ... Rothmans livre /      Black  
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Options Competition: Full Race setup, Racing Seats, Rollcage
Exterior: Alloy rims 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
Known History

Individual Race Record of 962-119


Date Race Drivers Race# Result


1986 IMSA Championship Race Season


2/1-2 Daytona 24-Hours J. Morton/J. Lammers/D. Warwick #68 DNF

4/06 Road Atlanta D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 6th

4/27 Riverside D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 2nd

5/18 Charlotte D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 5th

5/26 Lime Rock D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 8th

6/08 Mid-Ohio D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 9th

6/22 W. Palm Beach D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 2nd

7/06 Watkins Glen D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 7th

7/27 Portland D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 12th

8/03 Sears Point D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 7th

8/24 Road America D. Brassfield/J. Mass #68 11th

9/21 Watkins Glen 2 D. Brassfield/J. Morton #68 DNF

10/5 Columbus J. Busby/J. Morton #68 6th

10/26 Daytona D. Brassfield/J. Morton #68 3rd


1987 IMSA Championship Race Season


2/1-2 Daytona 24 Hours B. Wollek/D. Brassfield/J. Busby #67 DNF

3/01 Miami GP B. Wollek/D. Brassfield #67 9th

3/21 Sebring 12-Hours B. Wollek/D. Brassfield/D. Wallenbach #67 7th

4/12 Road Atlanta D. Brassfield/W. Dallenbach #67 4th

4/26 Riverside D. Brassfield/W. Dallenbach #67 3rd

5/03 Laguna Seca B. Wollek #67 6th

6/07 Mid-Ohio D. Brassfield/B. Wollek #67 2nd

6/21 Palm Beach B. Wollek/D. Brassfield #67 DNF

7/26 Portland D. Brassfield/B. Wollek #67 6th

8/02 Sears point B. Wollek #67 DNF

9/06 San Antonio D. Brassfield/B. Wollek #67 9th

10/4 Columbus D. Brassfield/B. Wollek #67 DNF

10/25 Del Mar B. Wollek #67 4th


1988 IMSA Championship Race Season


2/28 Miami GP B. Wollek/M. Baldi #67 DNF

4/24 W. Palm Beach B. Wollek #67 DNF

6/05 Mid-Ohio B. Wollek/. Baldi #67 6th

7/03 Watkins Glen B. Wollek/. Baldi #67 4th

7/31 Portland B. Wollek #67 DNF

8/03 Sears Point B. Wollek #67 5th

10/5 Columbus B. Wollek/M. Baldi #67 3rd

10/26 Daytona B. Wollek #67 3rd


1989 IMSA Championship Race Season


7/16 Road America J. Andretti/B. Wollek #68 4th

9/03 San Antonio J. Andretti #68 3rd

8/03 Sears Point J. Andretti #68 10th

10/1 Tampa B. Wollek/J. Andretti #68 3rd