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1986 Ford Mustang

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Remember when you were a kid and dreamed of owning a police car? And then when you found out Ford built a bunch of Mustangs designed for high-speed work, you vowed that someday one of those would be yours? Well, that day has arrived, because this is a genuine 1986 Mustang Special Service Package LX coupe, and yes, it's just as cool as you imagined it would be, especially with a long list of upgrades under the skin. This was a legitimate Marti-verified Florida Highway Patrol interceptor, used for high-speed pursuits and traffic control, and as a result, it has never been rusty. In fact, every single body panel is original to the car, and carries the proper VIN stamps, so you know it hasn't been pieced back together from cast-offs like so many abused and abandoned police vehicles. The paint is recent, and in sinister black, it gives the Mustang a definite government hot-rod vibe and you'll be thrilled to note that it's completely protected by 3M wrap (about $3500 worth!). The SSP cars didn't advertise their presence, so this one still looks low-key, although cruising this sucker through rush-hour traffic seems to make commuters flee in terror. The look is clean, unadorned, and very purposeful, and that's just the way we like it. Inside, the SSP Mustangs got the base interior, which means soft tan cloth buckets that were easy to get in and out of with a full uniform and utility belt full of gear. But unlike most police cars, the seats aren't crushed and ruined, suggesting that someone really cared about taking care of this one; maybe the guys assigned to control traffic knew they were piloting something special. A lot of the equipment is NOS and I can't imagine these cars looking much better on their first day of work. A 5-speed manual is unusual for a police car, but if you wanted the most from your enforcement-grade Mustang, that was the smart choice. Cold A/C was a mandatory option in the Florida heat, but there are few other options, so you know this pony was built for battle. It does have a row of switches on the center console for managing various functions, a police-issue 140 MPH speedo, and a trio of auxiliary gauges out on the hood, right where they'll do the most good. And in the trunk you'll find an ultra-rare and desirable aluminum space-saver rim which is probably worth $1000 all by itself. Ford's legendary 5.0 liter V8 was under the hood, and in 1986, there weren't many cars on the road that could outrun the fast, agile Mustang. Nevertheless, this one has been seriously fortified beyond police spec, starting with a high-nickel content block stuffed with a 1994 Cobra rotating assembly, TrickFlow heads and intake, and a Vortech supercharger. A custom tune makes it work right with the 42 lb-hr injectors and a custom cam. Note that it still sports its SSP synthetic hoses, oversized alternator, and industrial-strength cooling system, as well as a strut tower brace. Underneath, it's spotless and has long-tube headers, a new Flowmaster exhaust system, new steering rack, and 4-wheel disc brakes. In back, there's an 8.8-inch axle with pursuit-friendly 3.55 gears, and it sits on those awesome 1986-only highway patrol wheels with fat BFG radials, so it looks especially nasty. So go ahead, live the dream. It's every bit as fun as a regular Mustang, with an extra helping of highway intimidation built right in. Call today!

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Car 1986 Ford Mustang Mustang
VIN 1FABP26M9GF248688 
Mileage 93,653 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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