2006 Ferrari FXX EvoluzioneSOLD

2006 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione

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To be offered at auction at RM Auctions' Monterey event, August 15-16, 2014. To view this car and others currently consigned to this auction, please visit the RM website at rmauctions.com/.

$1,700,000 - $2,100,000

860 bhp, 6,262 cc rear-mounted longitudinal 65-degree V-12 engine with Bosch Motronic ME7 electronic fuel injection, six-speed electro-hydraulic semi-automatic transmission, front and rear independent pushrod suspension with unequal length wishbones, coil-over springs, and manually adjustable telescopic shock absorbers, and four-wheel Brembo carbon-ceramic disc brakes. Wheelbase: 104.3 in

One of Ferrari's most exclusive automobiles
The 31st of 38 built; single ownership from new
Always maintained and garaged at the Ferrari factory
Factory updated with the Evoluzione package
A track-day titan, ready for Corse Clienti events

The dawn of the 21st century saw the introduction of a number of hypercars, automobiles that were incredibly technologically advanced and boasted monumental performance figures. The two major contenders, Porsche's Carrera GT and the Mercedes-McLaren SLR, were both dicing to be the most desirable automobile the world had ever seen. However impressive their efforts were, Ferrari's Enzo proved to be the king of the hill upon its introduction in 2002, providing the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, killer performance, and breathtaking looks.

At the time, it seemed as if the Enzo was the pinnacle of high-performance driving machines, and many believed that it would not be topped until Ferrari introduced their next no-compromises supercar.

However, Ferrari had one more trick up their sleeves. Over the course of the summer of 2005, the factory announced that a special track-only car would be produced, offering a unique experience to collaborate with the factory and develop the future generation of road cars. In the coming months, prototypes were shown in private settings, by invitation only, to a handful of friends of the house in Europe and North America, to gauge interest for the project. The FXX was finally formally announced and unveiled in December of that year at the Bologna Motor Show, where it garnered lots of attention from the world's motoring press. Just 38 examples would be produced, and they were made available to Ferrari's very best clients. For those individuals, it was almost considered to be a blessing to be given the opportunity to work directly with the factory and help develop future cars bearing the Cavallino Rampante.

To further differentiate the FXX from other cars offered by Ferrari, the FXX program would not operate like Ferrari's well-established Challenge series. It was to be a completely different entity that would be run under the umbrella of Corse Clienti. Owners would be invited, along with their cars, to select events, where they would be able to drive their cars on the track at speed in a non-competitive environment. At the events, the factory would provide the owners with a team of technicians and engineers for support and to offer advice on how to achieve the best results from their FXX. These events allowed owners to experience the immense capabilities of the FXX within a controlled environment, giving them track experience and feedback from Ferrari's best engineers and factory drivers. In addition, Ferrari provided the owners with the opportunity to have their cars stored at the factory, if they so desired, leaving Corse Clienti responsible for routine maintenance and servicing, as well as transportation to the FXX Programme events.

The FXX presented here was the 31st of 38 examples built, and it was delivered finished in iconic Rosso Corsa with white trim, as it is today. Its current and only owner took great interest and enthusiasm in the FXX program from the moment that his car was delivered, and he was always keen to stretch the legs of his favorite toy. As a result, it has been among the most driven and enjoyed FXXs, participating in action on four continents and present at every Corse Clienti event between 2007 and 2010. Because of the amount of track use that this car saw, Ferrari used it as a mule to develop mid-year upgrades to various components on the FXX, including the cooling systems, braking systems, and the front and rear grilles. The owner was even presented with a special award by Michael Schumacher at the Finale Mondiali in 2008, praising him for his monumental participation in the series and assistance in development.

During the first two years of the FXX program, engineers at Ferrari were able to analyze the telemetry gathered from all of the FXX models and upgrade the car's components and increase its already insane performance specifications accordingly, at a cost of $250,000. The so-called Evoluzione, or Evo, upgrades included gear ratios being changed to accommodate the extra 1,000 rpm produced by the engine, which resulted in the gearshifts now taking place in 60 milliseconds and the FXX's lap time around Fiorano being cut down by two seconds. Additional components of the Evoluzione upgrade included modified aerodynamics, a more complex traction-control system, improved brakes with more durable brake pads and more efficient brake cooling ductwork, and an improved rear camera system, providing the driver increased rearward visibility.

This FXX was converted to Evoluzione specifications by the factory between the 2007 and 2008 Corse Clienti seasons, and it was one of the first to receive the upgrade, a benefit of its earlier use in factory testing. In addition to the Evoluzione features, in 2013 the FXX became one of only a few to be outfitted with an updated suspension, which was complemented by new Pirelli tires, at a cost of €7,500. It is accompanied by all three of the storage boxes that were regularly used at its track days, and they are filled with specialty tools and spares, including three sets of wheels, one with racing slicks, one with wet-weather tires, and the other with street tires for storage, as well as a Stäubli fueling tank, an extra set of mufflers, special FXX jack stands, a full tool kit, both its original manuals for standard FXX and Evo specification, and full data acquisition capabilities necessary to run this very sophisticated racing car. Also offered with the sale is a helmet painted to match this FXX, which was gifted to all FXX owners upon delivery of their cars and has never been used by this owner.

Finally, it is important to add that this FXX has always been stored and maintained at the Ferrari facilities throughout its entire life. No expense was spared in making sure that this FXX was always in track-ready condition, and it was readied by the same dedicated men and women in Maranello ever since its first event.

Not only does the FXX program provide owners with one of the most advanced supercars Ferrari has ever produced, but it also brings incredible access to the factory and a completely unique racing experience. Experience and data gained from the FXX program no doubt contributed to the revolutionary LaFerrari, and it will continue to influence Ferrari's road cars for years to come. As the first car of its kind ever produced by Ferrari, it showcases the company's wonderful relationship with its clients and their desire to design and produce products that give their customers the ultimate motoring experience. For the avid tifosi and track-day enthusiast, there is simply nothing better.

Reference Number 292139

as of 8/20/2014

Car 2006 Ferrari FXX Evoluzione
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