1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT CoupeSOLD
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In 1958, Aston Martin took the motoring world by storm with the introduction of their latest model, the DB4. Styled by Touring of Milan and based on their ‘SuperleggeraEsystem of construction (Superleggera being Italian for super light) with 240 b.h.p. @ 5,500 r.p.m., the vehicle’s performance was breathtaking for its day. Not one to rest on his laurels David Brown commissioned his factory at Newport Pagnell, Berkshire, England to develop a Grand Tourismo version of his latest super car. At the London Motor Show in 1959, Aston Martin announced to the World their new Grand Touring version of the DB4, the DB4 GT. The Prototype had already proved to Aston Martin and the World what this new model was capable of by winning its first race and setting a new lap record at Silverstone in the hands of Sterling Moss. By the time production ceased in 1963, Aston Martin had built just 97 DB4 GT chassis’s clothing 78 of those with the 2 seater Superleggera Touring of Milan body work that you see before you now. The GT’s chassis was shorter than the standard DB4 chassis with a wheel base of 7'as opposed to the standard 8E2E It’s overall length had been reduced to 14'3 5' shorter than a standard DB4. With competition in mind Aston Martin had shed some 85 kilos of weight from the standard DB4. The 3.7 litre twin overhead camshaft Straight 6 cylinder engine now sported a twin plug head (i.e. 12 spark plugs) and twin distributors. It also sported 3 twin choke 45 DCOE 4 or 9 Webber carburettors. Power output was claimed to be 302 b.h.p. @ 6,000 r.p.m. Again with competition in mind the rear seats were substituted for a luggage shelf and the entire boot area was filled up with a 36 US gallon aluminium fuel tank with the spare wheel mounted on top of this. A standard DB4 GT (at least 5 examples were built as lightweight versions) was road tested by ‘AutosportEand Car and DriverEwhere 0 E60 m.p.h. acceleration times were recorded @ 6.4 seconds, 14.2 seconds for the 0'100 m.p.h. dash and 14 seconds for the Standing Quarter of a Mile. A maximum speed of 152.5 m.p.h. was recorded. These are serious performance figures in the 21st Century and must have been considered astronomical back in 1960. Is it any wonder then that the serious car collectors' fought over and paid close on $1 million when one of the 78 cars built last became available on the open market?

Reference Number 3092

as of 8/10/2006

Car 1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Coupe
VIN DB4GT0155/R  
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Green /      Cream 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Options Exterior: Metallic paint, Wire wheels
Interior: Leather interior, Wooden trim 
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