1939 Aston Martin 2 litre C-Type Speed Model SOLD
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1939 Aston Martin Type C Speed Model From early on, Aston Martin signified a strong reputation despite small production output. The first prototype appeared in 1914 and used a 1 1/4-litre side-valve Coventry-Simplex engine mounted in an Isotta Fraschini voiturette (small) chassis; it was the work of Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford from their mew near London. The Aston portion of the name came from the Aston Clinton hill-climbs which Martin and Bamford participated in; a second 2-passenger sporting prototype appeared in 1919. Production started in 1922 at the shops of Bamford & Martin Ltd. near London; these models had a 1 1/2-litre side valve engine with 4-speed gearbox. 60 cars were built until 1925 and the firm s reputation was established with a 2nd place finish in the 1922 200-Mile Race on the high banks of Brooklands along with setting a number of world records that same year. In 1939 Aston Martin built 8 Speed Models with aerodynamic body work on the Type C chassis; this car was originally sold to Dr. Krohn of Oxford University and competed as late as 1949 in the Sand Races in St. Andrews. It was discovered near Pittsburgh, PA in the early 1980s and has undergone an extensive and accurate body-off-chassis restoration.

Reference Number 3094

as of 8/10/2006

Car 1939 Aston Martin 2 litre C-Type Speed Model
Exterior / Interior Color      Green /      Black 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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