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1928 Chevrolet Coupe

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As popular as the Ford Model A is today, it's easy to forget that in 1928, Chevrolet was still #1 in sales. Wearing a handsome older restoration, this trim 1928 Chevy business coupe has big car styling at a very reasonable price, making it as attractive today as it was when it was new. With the paint charts being as ancient as they are, it's hard to say whether this car is painted its exact original colors, but it sure looks right and the books show a color called "Paul Revere Green" that's pretty close to what it's wearing today, so we'll go with it. In truth, this neat little coupe could probably wear just about any color and look equally handsome and it has the archetypal "old-fashioned car" look that we all drew as little kids. The bodywork was nicely restored and for a wood-framed car, it fits together rather well, with doors that feel substantial when you close them. The paint shines up nicely and is probably lacquer or perhaps an early enamel, so it looks authentic for 1928. Black fenders were standard practice on most makes in 1928 and the jaunty light green pinstripes highlight the many interesting moldings that adorn the body. Nickel plating on the radiator shell and headlight rings (remember chrome wasn't used until 1929 or so) has a soft shine that's totally authentic, and the accessory twin bumpers look fantastic. Out back there's a single spare and a single stop lamp and the padded long-grain vinyl roof is in very good condition. The interior is probably a variation on something that could have been available in 1928, a handsome tan fabric that wears well and doesn't show much use. The two-seat coupe is cozy inside and surprisingly well-appointed for a low-cost car, offering bright metal hardware, a lovely wooden steering wheel, and a reasonably complete set of gauges. Rubber flooring was standard equipment, even in a closed car, and the dash has been painted to match the bodywork to tie it all together. The shift pattern is standard 3-speed, but you'll have to brush up on your double-clutching, because synchros weren't introduced until 1929, and then only on Cadillacs. You know this car is a business coupe not a sport coupe because it has a spacious trunk instead of a rumble seat, and it's fitted with a chunk of green carpet from the '70s that keeps it looking tidy. 1928 was the final year for Chevy's venerable 107 cubic inch inline-four, which was more than a match for the Model T's 20-horsepower. It provides peppy performance around town and a comfortable 40-45 MPH cruising speed on the open road. It's an overhead-valve design which helps build power, and still inhales through a stock updraft carb fed by a correct vacuum tank. To help combat the issues with today's fuel evaporating from the carburetor, this car has also been fitted with an electric fuel pump, which is a good idea on any vintage auto. Beyond that, however, it's completely stock and nicely finished. The transmission shifts easily and the underside of the car was probably detailed when it was restored and now shows signs of use but no trouble spots. Mechanical brakes are actually quite effective for a lightweight car such as this, and the handsome disc wheels are fitted with properly-sized 4.40/4.50-21 tires of indeterminate age. A neat old car with plenty of personality and a great look, all for a very reasonable price. Sure, anyone can do a Model A, but this little Chevy is just right for the bowtie guys. Call today! This vehicle is located in our Atlanta showroom. For more information, please call (678) 279-1609 or toll free (877) 367-1835.

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Car 1928 Chevrolet Coupe
VIN 46242251 
Mileage 35,506 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
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