1998 Lamborghini Pregunta V12, last Lamborghini Prototype before Audi EraPrice Upon Request

One-off V12 prototype

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In early 1998, Lamborghini is just emerging from three successive change of owner...and about to become a branch of the AUDI Group, a complete change of identity that will take place in the second half of 1998.

But a few months before, on June 15 th 1998, a last-minute agreement is signed in Sant'Agata between Lamborghini and the Italian Studio Heuliez-Torino, headed by former Bertone Director, Marc Deschamps. By this contract, Lamborghini provides a factory Diablo development car as a basis for the creation of a new, one-off model. Nobody knows the shape and the name of the future concept-car and Lamborghini's intentions are not openly revealed...

In the contract, Lamborghini demands that the future car should be "new, original and impossible to confuse with any other" (wasn't this the case for the Miura and the Countach...?). Heuliez-Torino commits to build only one single example of the concept-car, and to prevent themselves from selling to any third party the rights of the future Pregunta.

Another clause states that the Pregunta should be approved by Lamborghini before any presentation to the public and to the Press.

All is then set for the creation of the last true Italian Lamborghini prototype, the very last one before the legendary make becomes merely a branch of AUDI-VW.

The radical and spectacular Pregunta was presented at the 1998 Paris and 1999 Geneva Motor Shows. This exciting concept car combines advanced technology with animal beauty, but it is also a fully functional prototype with state-of-the-art performances: 530 HP (the Ferrari F50 has only 520), enabling a top speed of 333 km/h and less than 20 s. for the standing kilometre.
With its aggressive aircraft inspiration, this prototype could have become a "Hyper-Lamborghini ", topping the Diablo as a most exclusive high-end sports car.

Compared to the Diablo, the structure is a lighter and more straight-forward rear wheel drive, and radiators have moved to the front. Also, the car is designed to be easily convertible into a closed berlinetta.

The Pregunta uses Aerospace and Formula 1 technologies: Dassault stealth external paintwork (from the Dassault Rafale jet fighter), dynamic air intakes, fully electronic F-1 type Marelli instruments, internal optical fiber lighting (DGA), rear-view camera, CDI Cristine GPS system, combat jet-derived cockpit ergonomyů

The style of the PREGUNTA is exceptionally rich, innovative, a deliberate breakthrough from anything that existed before. It will set the trend that will inspire Pagani among others.

The ultra low shape (1,10 m), with an immense and almost horizontal windscreen, creates a strong impression of dynamics and brute force. The mutant nose seems to come from a racing prototype, spiced-up with the aggressiveness of a catamaran boat. The wide-open front air intake for the radiator is highlighted by an enormous spoiler, whilst spectacular reactor-like air scoops gulp fresh air...

Although a one-off concept-car, the PREGUNTA did generate wild dreams for those who desperately expected a successor to the Miura and to the Countach...
This car was the last and ultimate special coachwork ever built on a Lamborghini base ľ just before Lamborghini was merged into the industrial Audi-VW Group. This automobile is therefore very important since it stands as the final conclusion of thirty-five golden years of the Sant'Agata Legend.

After the PREGUNTA, modern Lamborghini have never brought the same thrill and contagious feeling of passion, this irresistible desire to take the wheel and hear the V12 Lamborghini howling behind your back...

One single example of the Lamborghini Pregunta exists, and it was entirely hand-built in 1998, based on a Lamborghini Factory development Diablo, by the best craftsmen and technicians of Carrozzeria Studio Heuliez-Torino in Italy.

Since we have acquired this fabulous prototype, we have presented the LAMBORGHINI PREGUNTA at the Paris RETROMOBILE Classic Motor Show in 2007.

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Car 1998 Lamborghini Pregunta V12, last Lamborghini Prototype before Audi Era
Small Series  1 of 1 
Exterior / Interior Color      Silver /      Blue 
Condition Exceptional 
Mileage Delivery Mileage 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Competition: Racing Seats
Electronics: DVD
Exterior: Alloy rims, Metallic paint
Mechanics: ABS 
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Known History

This prototype was built following a contract signed in June 1998 by Automobili Lamborghini and Carrozzeria Heuliez-Torino, a Company headed by Marc Deschamps, former Director of Bertone.


Lamborghini provided a Diablo factory development chassis with a mission for Deschamps to design a very unique roadster that would "look like no other car". The prototype also had to be approved by Lamborghini before being presented to anybody. The Lamborghini Pregunta Roadster was hand-crafted in Italy by Heuliez-Torino in 1998.


The Pregunta was presented for the first time at the Paris Motor Show in October 1998, then in March 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show.


In the mean time, the new VW-AUDI management had decided to industrialise the production of all new Lamborghini models within the AUDI-VAG Group, and to discontinue any outrageous "Italian style" projects. The Pregunta remained therefore a single prototype.


This fully functional Lamborghini Roadster remained stored in the Collection of Heuliez in France (after the dismantling of Heuliez-Torino), until early 2006.

Autodrome then started negotiating with Heuliez to acquire this very important prototype. Based on Autodrome's reputation, expertise and experience in classic Lamborghinis, Heuliez agreed to sell the Pregunta prototype to the Autodrome Collection in 2007.


Autodrome presented the Pregunta at the Paris Retromobile Classic Car show in February 2007, and at Spa Italia (Italian Classic Cars Meeting) organised on the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit in 2008.