1963 Ferrari 250 GT Aluminium SpyderSOLD
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Registration Number: AOD 764A Chassis Number: 4749GT

Sold: £220,000

Initially conceived as a Gran Turismo, Ferrari‘s 250 soon diverged into two paths, the GT coupes and cabriolets and the lightweight competition Berlinettas. The Berlinettas designed by Pininfarina and built in small numbers by Scaglietti were the ultimate dual-purpose cars, competitive at Le Mans but often driven to races. Nowhere were the 250 Berlinettas more at home than on the Tour de France, the legendary marathon where performance, reliability and adaptability made the marque a consistent winner.

With Ferrari‘s GT cars claiming successes on race tracks and in road races around the world in the mid 1950s, the market for the company‘s road cars was becoming stronger and stronger, particularly in North America. The Ferrari distributor for that market was Luigi Chinetti, an Italian who had settled there and ran the North American Racing Team. He believed that an open sports model with competition pedigree would be a sure seller in the sunshine states of the U.S.

Ferrari took heed of this advice and in 1957 the chassis of one of Ferrari‘s current Competition Berlinettas, the 250 Tour de France, was removed from the production line and while retaining the competition orientated 3 litre V12 engine and drive train, was re-clothed with the most exquisite open, spyder body, styled by Scaglietti. The new car was designated the California, after the state where it was perceived most would be sold.

It may sound strange but these highly regarded and probably most beautiful of all open Ferraris were a "cheap" option in their days as they cost around 20% less than the more luxurious Pininfarina Cabriolets. One of the ironies of classic car collection is that these sell now for significantly less than original California Spyders.

Although not campaigned extensively, like the Tour de France Berlinettas it was based on, the California Spyder had a significant competition career. Californias ran successfully at tracks like Lime Rock, Marlboro, Bridgehampton, and Cumberland.

This car was commissioned in 1992 by Richard Freshman of USA, a concours winning restorer who has won Pebble Beach. His requirements were for a authentic and indistinguishable from an original SWB California spyder except for the chassis number. The only coachbuilders in the world capable of producing such an end result are from Italy. He decided upon a world renowned Ferrari coach builder in Modena.

In 1995/6 the vehicle was sold to Greig Jones, another renowned Ferrari restorer, often showing at Pebble beach and a senior concours judge. The car was trimmed by Luppi in Modena, Italy, renowned to be the best trimmers in the World.

The car was then shipped to the US where Greig Jones completed the project to an impeccable standard by the end of 1997. Intricate details such as the timing cases, fuel pump drive and location were even changed to replicate a 168 type engine as fitted to an original, rather than the 250 GTE type 128F engine.

Such details are only noticeable by incredibly knowledgeable experts. Shortcuts are normally taken with recreations but 4749GT is an exception.

The end product is a beautiful creation. The body has been crafted from aluminium to an exceptionally high standard and the interior trim has been finely executed. The car drives exceptionally well, feels tight and very well sorted with performance to match from the 3 litre V12 engine.

The car has only covered 4,903 miles in total and is supplied with an MoT certificate valid until July 2009 and a V5 registration document. 4749GT was imported to the UK in July of this year and all UK taxes are paid.

Considering that a California Spyder recently sold for more than £5 million, 4749GT will at a fraction of the price, give potential purchasers the experience of the thrills associated with owning and driving one of the most spectacular, exhilarating and desirable cars ever built.

Reference Number 34079

as of 11/19/2008

Car 1963 Ferrari 250 GT Aluminium Spyder
VIN 4749GT 
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