1990 Lamborghini Countach Anniversario 25thSOLD
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Estimate: £40000 - £50000

Sold: £38,000

Registration Number: G15 UPU Chassis Number: ZA9C005AOKLA12880

Few would deny that Lamborghini‘s Countach is the quintessential supercar. It was built by a talented and passionate team of designers and engineers with the purpose of being the most extrovert and outrageous of cars available for the street. As a replacement for the fabulous Miura this was a tall order, but there can be no doubt that they succeeded, and even today, though there are more modern cars and faster cars (a tiny number), it is the Countach which will draw people‘s attention like no other car. The stunning styling was by Bertone‘s Marcello Gandini and when the first prototype was revealed as project 112, one of the factory workers exclaimed "Countach", a local Piemontese expletive, roughly translated as Wow! The name stuck.

Incorporating much race car technology, it was an automotive tour de force. With its back-to-front longitudinally mounted V12 engine and gearbox, independent double wishbone suspension all round and rigid space frame, it was easily the fastest production car around, reaching a claimed 190 mph. Like its predecessor, the car quickly found favour with enthusiastic drivers and wealthy playboys alike. One of Lamborghini‘s most loyal customers was Formula One race team owner, Walter Wolf, who owned several examples, one of which was modified for him by the factory to be quicker still. Suspension revisions allowed the fitting of much wider wheels mounted with Pirelli‘s brand new P7 tyre, designed especially for this car. Flared wheel arches sprouted from the flanks to cover these enormous new wheels, the like of which had never before been seen on the road, and at the front an air dam was fitted, while a huge delta wing sprouted from the rear boot lid. With engine modifications, Wolf reckoned his car was fast enough to be competitive at Le Mans. Lessons learned from Wolf‘s car were put into practice with the introduction of the S variant, essentially a cosmetic replica. 667 units came of the production line at Sant Agata before the Diablo was scheduled to replace it in 1990. It wasn‘t ready however and so the ‘Anniversario‘ stepped up to the plate. Based on the current QV chassis, much had changed. The front and rear bumpers were re-designed now with extra cooling vents for the front brakes. The sills had additional cooling streaks for the rear brakes with more vents found on the rear three quarters. The suspension was modified in order to accommodate the new P Zero tyres and OZ split rims. All these modifications were executed under the watchful eye of champion racing driver, Sandro Munari.

Manufactured in 1990, this 5.1 litre Lamborghini is the final incarnation of the famous Countach legend. Finished in black with a black leather interior, this example is astonishing from every angle. It has only covered 39,800 kilometres from new with invoices indicating a £2,303 service at Lamborghini London in November 2006 and a further £6,997 at Lamborghini London in January 2008.Together with a brand new MoT test certificate valid until November 2009, it has been stored in a five star dehumidified storage facility and is described by the vendor as in excellent condition throughout. Indeed better than when it rolled off the production line!

Reference Number 34088

as of 11/19/2008

Car 1990 Lamborghini Countach Anniversario 25th
VIN ZA9C005AOKLA12880 
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