Lamborghini Diablo SV RoadsterSOLD
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Estimate: £65000 - £85000

Sold: £60,000

Registration Number: T718 KEO Chassis Number: TE718KEO

By the mid 1980s Lamborghini had been building sophisticated mid-engined exotic supercars for two decades starting with the amazing Miura progressing to the equally stunning Countach. The then current world-wide economic boom ensured plenty of demand for such machines and many manufacturers entered the marketplace, providing potential buyers with an alternative to the ageing Countach. Styling updates and performance modifications continued to provide a lifeline, but it was clear that with increasingly stringent emissions and safety regulations, together with a more demanding clientele, a new model was required.

The brief given to the designers was quite straightforward – build the fastest road car in the world, make it safe and usable whilst complying with modern regulations, but maintain the style and chic that has always been associated with Lamborghini. The result was the infamous Diablo. The exterior styling was by Bertone’s Marcello Gandini, who had also styled the Countach, and the family resemblance is obvious. When studying both of these cars it is very easy to see why most experts acclaim Gandini as the greatest of modern designers.

Presented today is one of the rarest Lamborghinis ever made. This Diablo SV Roadster is one of two right-hand drive models built in 1999. The SV Roadster ceased production after Audi took over Lamborghini in 1998 and all rear wheel drive projects (SV) were cancelled, only six had been built, four of which were in LHD specification. However, having undergone nine years of development, motoring journalists hailed Lamborghini’s efforts with the 1999 SV as: "the best built, best looking Diablo of all time.”

With 1450 kg, accompanying carbon fibre components and a 5.7-litre V12 engine producing 530bhp and 445lb/ft of torque, 62 mph comes up in 3.9 seconds with a top speed of 204 mph. This incredible power is channelled to the huge rear wheels with no electronic driver-aids to soften the experience. In this case, the Diablo certainly justifies its Spanish translation, the ‘Devil’.

Presented here with service history and 21,500 miles on the odometer, T718 KEO comes complete with past and present MoTs, current V5 registration document and receipts from the past 12 months in excess of £20,000. In addition, the car features: anti-lock brakes, driver airbag, climate control, electric windows, CD player, leather seats and new brake discs and pads. This model has also been fitted with three cameras – on the front, rear and inside – to allow drivers to film their journeys.

This unique rear wheel drive Diablo certainly differs from today’s Lamborghinis, offering the ultimate driving experience. Arguably, the SV Roadster represents the last of the truly flamboyant Lamborghinis that encapsulated the evocative philosophy of a company unwilling to compromise on practicality or subtle designs.

Reference Number 34099

as of 11/19/2008

Car Lamborghini Diablo SV Roadster
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