1968 Ferrari 330 GTC 330 GTCSOLD

1968 Ferrari 330 GTC Serial Number 11279

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We are pleased to offer 1968 Ferrari 330 GTC s/n 11279, a recently restored, well sorted and cosmetically superb 330 GTC with a well-documented known history from new. 330 GTC s/n 11279 is a very high serial number, matching numbers car with the Factory updated and improved cable clutch and solid linkage carbs making for light and easy driving. Comes with the owner’s handbook and parts book plus the leather pouch and the full set of tools with the leather tool roll and the jack kit. Finished in a concours quality Blue Pozzi with all new French Blue leather and all new gray carpets, mounted on unblemished Borrani wire wheels fitted with new Michelin XWX tires. We have sold 330 GTC s/n 11279 multiple times including to the current owner in June 2010 at which time Ferrari specialist Rod Drew at FAI of Costa Mesa, California went through the complete engine, transaxle and drive train, total invoices $103,849.95. The A/C system was updated with modern A/C lines and a rotary compressor which blows exceptionally cool and all ancillary components were overhauled and refitted into a freshly detailed engine bay. The undamaged body, originally blue, was disassembled by Rod Drew at FAI and then refinished in striking yet understated Blue Pozzi by Beckman Metalworks of Costa Mesa with striking depth and impressive panel fit, total invoice $22,645.50. The cockpit was fully re-trimmed in all-new French Blue leather by Pete Engle of Westminister Auto upholstey, total invoice $11,833.75. The combination of Rod at FAI, Steve at Beckman’s and Pete at Westminister make for the three best “Enzo-era Ferrari” specialty shops in Southern California. From 2011 until today 330 GTC s/n 11279 has been maintained by David L. George Coachworks in Pennsylvania who have done extensive chassis detailing and a mechanical maintenance to ensure that it runs “on the button” for its next keeper. Comes with both the original Becker Europa Radio and a modern McIntosh stereo providing the music to match the car’s wonderful exhaust note. Very nicely detailed underneath, PDFs of all invoices on file, ask us for copies of the restoration invoices or detail photos by e-mail.

The 330 GTCs have always offered the best balance between elegant understated styling and state‚of‚the‚art handling and performance of any of the Enzo‚era Ferraris and this 330 GTC will not disappoint. These cars are extremely pleasant to drive, even in today’s traffic, thanks to the light clutch and steering, the wide torque band provided by the 4 litre V-12 and the tractability and balance that result from the combination of the rear-mounted transaxle and vibration eliminating torque tube. The 330 GTCs combine the collectability and passion of the Enzo-era Ferraris combined with the technical sophistication of the rear-mounted 5-speed gearbox and an independent suspension, four wheel discs and user-friendly A/C. Only 598 330 GTCs were constructed between 1966 and 1968 and so 330 GTC s/n 11279, as the 538th 330 GTC built has all of the best features of the series. Like the svelte 250 GT Lusso, the 330 GTC has very thin A- and B-pillars, giving the cabin an open feeling and incredible visibility from all angles. While many GTC owners have large collections of important Ferraris, their GTC will often be the Ferrari of choice for driving events.

All work was done to 330 GTC s/n 11279 at 51,988 kms and she has only 53,863 km today. Everything works as it should, a great looking and great driving Ferrari in a very attractive color combination. Has a show‚quality set of tools with the leather tool roll and jack kit plus the owner’s hand books and leather carrying pouch. This car is a lovely testament to the magic that are the Enzo-Era Ferraris; a well-sorted and balanced road car with known ownership history and no suggestion of traumas, recent or past. Runs and drives like a new car with a well-tuned and very strong engine and as-new syncros, warm or cold. Excellent compression and mechanically well detailed, well sorted and running great. This is a car that can be displayed with pride at any FCA gathering or used to cruise any available winding road at high speed, with its light and nimble handling and user-friendly passenger comfort built in. As close as one will get to owning a new 330 GTC and priced to sell at $795,500 or best offer, seriously for sale.

Reference Number 34539

as of 1/30/2016

Car 1968 Ferrari 330 GTC 330 GTC
VIN 11279 
Exterior / Interior Color      Yellow /      Black 
Mileage 53.863 km 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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Known History

S/n 11279. Identified as 330 GTC. Destinazione Sommino, Italy. Assembly sequence no. 538, body no. C0654. (H. Raab’s Ferrari Serial Numbers Part I, 2nd ed).


1968, delivered to official dealer Motor S.a.s. di Carla Allegretti e C. of Rome.


1968, May, sold new to its original owner, Mr. Sonnino, a local resident. Registered in Rome on Italian plates Roma B 86652.


1968-1970, serviced through 1970 at the Ferrari Factory Assistenza Clienti in Modena.


1974–1976, owned by Philip Faust, Locust Valley, NY. FAF Customer.


1989, 27 May, offered for sale in FML 1409 by Dreamcars Ltd., Dania, FL. Blue with tan interior. Borranis. 45,985 km.


1989, June, offered for sale in Tower Report by Randy Simon, Brookline, MA. Blue with tan interior. 26,000 miles. No a/c. Borranis.


1989, offered for sale in FML 1415 by The Chequered Flag, LA, CA. Blue with tan interior.


1989, 19 Aug.–30 Sept., offered for sale in FML 1420 by Chequered Flag:


Fly yellow with tan interior. Just completed bare metal repaint by Chequered Flag. Newly rebuilt and polished wheels.


1990, 06 Jan.–17 Feb., for sale in FML by Chequered Flag:


Fly yellow with tan interior. Carefully and meticulously restored by ourselves to the highest standards. Polished Borrani wire wheels. $325,000.


1990, 20 Jan., no sale at Barrett–Jackson’s Scottsdale, Arizona auction.


1990, 01 Apr., offered for sale in the LA Times and FML 1519.


1990, 15 Sept.–13 Oct., for sale in FML by Chequered Flag:


Fly yellow with tan leather. Borranis. Restored, super driver. $265,000.


1991, 25 May–20 July, for sale in FML by Walnut Creek Ferrari:


Yellow with tan interior. Borranis. New interior and new paint, excellent mechanicals. $169,000.


1992, sold to Bernie Chase, Symbolic Motor Car Company, 7440 La Jolla Boulevard

La Jolla, California 92037, who sold the car to Skeets Dunn, Rancho Sante Fe, CA.


1992, restored by Skeets Dunn, engine and transmission by Bob Wallace. 46,855 km.


1994, owned by Skeets Dunn. Yellow with black interior.


1996, 18 May, shown at the Dunn ranch event.


2000, 19 Feb., inspected, driven and photographed by M. Sheehan. Excellent body and paint. Excellent black leather. Engine and gearbox by Bob Wallace. Borrani wires and XWX tires. All receipts for the work done. Good enough to do well at the next F.C.A. National event. Started instantly with no smoke. Ran perfectly. No books or tools.


2000, February, sold to Cy Yedor.


2001, 15 June, Barrett–Jackson Peterson Museum auction:


Fly yellow/black leather. Odo: 47,834 miles [this should read km]. Ex–Skeets Dunn California car. Repair and receipt records. Exceptional interior, sharp paint, well presented. Perfect panel fit. A great car. Cond; 1-. Sold at $96,120. A nice buy. Well–documented, well–preserved 330 GTCs can command upwards of $120K. Provided no major service is imminent, the buyer should be very happy.


2002, 16–20 Jan., offered at Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, Lot # 726 ‚ 1968 Ferrari 330 GTC Coupe, Body by Pininfarina; S/N 11279; Yellow/Black; Recent restoration, 2 condition; Hammered Sold at $115,000 plus commission of 8.00%; Final Price $124,200 ‚ Chrome spoke Borranis, Becker Europa radio, P/W. Beautifully restored with flat panels, even gaps and excellent paint, interior and chrome (better than

when it was new.) Fresh and crisp, let down only by a frumpy passenger’s sun visor. Saturday Prime

Time. This was a superior Ferrari presented in the arresting Fly Yellow that seems to draw bidders

like flies to fresh meat at Barrett-Jackson. Even at that, the result was only “healthy” for a car so

meticulously prepared and presented. Sold for $124,200 to Brad Hoyt of Minneapolis, Minnesota.


2003, 15 Jan., as per call and follow up fax from Bill Bessesen at Arthur Alton Motors: this is one of the early Ferraris and Lamborghinis owned by Brad Hoyt, the real estate developer in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.


2005, 09 May, as per yet another conversation with Bill Bessesen, the man that manages the Brad Hoyt collection: The price on the ex-Skeets Dunn 330 GTC s/n 11279 is $175,000 and they bought

the car three years ago and it has only gone 50 miles since they bought it. Yellow, black, no books, no tools. They were stolen when they bought the car at Barrett-Jackson.


2005, 27 May, M. Sheehan inspected and photoed 330 GTC s/n 11279, 365 GTB/4 s/n 12923, 365 GTB/4 Spyder conversion s/n 13757 and 250 Lusso s/n 4945.


2005, 14 June, inspection done on s/n 11279 by Jeff Flynn, Service Manager of GT Cars, 950 West 94th Street, Bloomington, MN 55420 Tel. 952-884-3101, Comments: “The car is in excellent condition. I drove the car about three miles. The car runs strong, drives, handles and stops very well. The car

appears not to have been driven many miles since the restoration. The underside is very clean and very nice. This is an excellent example that we would be proud to own.”


2005, sold to John Shea of Far Hills, New Jersey.


2007, 05 Dec., sold by Mike Sheehan to Randy Hynote of Napa, CA. “It sat in my garage, un-driven until February 2008 when Geoff picked it up to go through it thoroughly and make it drive exactly right. He found a number of minor items and one major one, the halfshaft bearings and the ring and pinion. All were replaced, he also tuned it, did an oil and lubrication service and too many small items to mention. I doubt it has gone 10 miles since I bought it. I drove the car 5 miles, just to see how it drove, before turning it over to Geoff (Provo of GP Enterprises).”


2008, June, as per email from Randy Hynote. “I also have an excellent 1968 330 GTC, serial number 11279. It is Fly Yellow with Black leather and was the recipient of a very thorough restoration a few years ago while owned by Skeets Dunn of San Diego. It appears as new inside, outside and under the chassis. Since I bought it I have done a thorough service and had it tuned bumper to bumper to run

and drive like it looked when I bought it. I have had replaced any bushings, shocks, etc. needed. The

exhaust is the only non original equipment part on the car. It is a very expensive custom built stainless

steel system that, while it isn’t an OEM or equivalent part, sounds just right. I just had the differential

bearings and half shaft bearings and boots replaced. It is about as nice a 330 GTC as you will find. It has

50,000 KM from new. Being a very late production model, it has the late half shafts and cable clutch. It

does not have the original tool kit.”


2008, 13 Jan., major service completed by GP Enterprises, 3014 Rolison Rd., Redwood City, CA 94063: complete tune‚up valve adjustment and compression test, new spark plugs and oil/filter change.

Transaxle rebuilt with new ring and pinion gears, new pinion bearing and new CV boots and clamps.

Mileage: 49,988 km. Total invoice: $16,880.20.


2009, 31 July, four new Michelin XWX 205 VR 14 tires purchased from Cocker tires.


2009, 16 May, FML Vol 34 No 10.

330 GTC, S/N 11279 (1968). Very high quality fly yellow with excellent black leather.Very good Borranis and Michelin XWXs. Runs and drives very well, good synchros when warm. Excellent compression and mechanically first rate. Factory P/W and Becker Europa radio. Cosmetics very strong, nicely detailed engine compartment, excellent panel and trim fit. All brightwork in excellent condition. Carpets, headlining, dash pad, parcel shelf and all trim like new. Exhaust only non‚original equipment part on the car‚a very expensive custom built stainless steel system that sounds just right. Everything works as it should. Only 50,000 kms from new--we believe the mileage is correct and original. A great looking and great driving Ferrari in a very attractive color and an exceptional example of this very desirable 60‚s Ferrari Grand Tourer. $219,500. 11/08. Michael Sheehan’s Ferraris Online LLC, www.ferraris-online.com.


2009, 13 Aug., shown at the Ferrari Club or America Pacific Region’s Chateau Julien Concours d′elegance, Monterey, CA, Class 6 330 GT / 330 GTC / 365 GTS, driven to the event and driven home, scored Silver.


2010, 11 Jan., major service by Geoff Provo’s GP Enterprises: new air filters, flush coolant and brake fluid, new radiator hoses, water valve, radiator fan switch, rebuilt and recored radiator, rebuilt RH fan motor, repaired oil line to radiator, installed new Michelin tubes and balanced all four tires/wheels, retorque and resealed both heads, cleaned and adjusted carburetors and adjusted throttle linkage. Mileage 51,644 km. Total invoice $6,350.71.


2010, June, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s www.Ferraris-online.com.


2010, 22 June, sold by Mike Sheehan to current owner.


2012, serviced by Rod Drew, F.A.I., Costa Mesa, CA at 51,988 kms. The Bob Wallace rebuild in 1992 (at 46,855 km) was great as there were only 5,000 kms since the complete rebuild, but all the seals and gaskets were leaking from age and from sitting. Engine out service, complete engine rebuild and valve and guide replacement, rebuild transaxle, sublet, machine cylinder heads, new engine gasket set, rebuild starter and alternator, rebuild water pump, new engine mounts, overhaul radiator, strip, paint and detail engine bay, overhaul instruments and gauges, sublet bumpers for re-chrome, rebuild turn signal switch, new A/C condenser, rebuild heater valves, new fuel lines, rebuild brake master cylinder and brake system, rebuild carbs, pull, rebuild and re-seal transaxle,total mechanical and sublet, $103,849.95.


2012, complete strip and paint by Beckman Metalworks, total invoice $22,645.50.


2012, all new interior by Pete Engel of Westminster Auto Upholstery, total invoice $11,833.75.


2016, January, on consignment with Mike Sheehan’s www.Ferraris-online.com.