1959/6 MG A Twin Cam45.000-65.000 EUR - Estimate


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Production Period 1958/60

Steel box section, welded. Cross braced, suspension mounts integral.
Wheelbase: 7ft 10in
Track Front: 3ft 11.91in
Rear: 4 ft 0.0875in

Gam Gears rack & pinion system.
Turning circle: Approx. 32ft
Castor angle: 4 degrees
Camber angle: 1 degree at full bump
Kingpin angle: 9.75 degrees at full bump
Toe in: Zero
Grade of oil: SAE 90

Disc brakes all four wheels.
Disk size front: 11in
Disk size rear: 11in
Method of operation - Hydraulic, Dunlop system: handbrake operating on rear caliper by cable

Ventilated disc wheel, centre locked.
Rim size: 4J * 15
Tyre Size: 5,90 * 15
Tyre pressure 22psi front, 24 psi rear

4 cylinder in line, twin ohv
For 1500, 1600, 1600MkII
Bore: 75.41mm
Stroke: 89mm
Cubic capacity: 1588cc
Power output: 108
@rpm: 6700
Compression ratio: 9.9:1

Valve timing:
IO 20deg BTDC
IC 50deg ABDC
EO 50deg BBDC
EC 20deg ATDC

Valve lift: 0.375in
Rocker Clearance: 0.014/0.015in
Valve seat angle: 45 degrees
Valve spring type: Double coil
Seat Tension: 84lb
Installed length: 1.78in
Free length: 2.54in
Connecting rods: H section forged steel
Length: 6.5 in centres
Bigend type: Steel backed Lead/Indium shell
Smallend type: Bronze bush
Gudgeon pin diameter: 0.875in
Pistons: Aluminium alloy, solid skirt, domed crown
Number of rings: 3
Oil pressure: 50/60psi. Idle at 15psi
Grade of oil: SAE 30
Sump Capacity: 13 pints including filter
Firing order: 1 3 4 2

Ignition Timing

Distributor points gap: 0.015in
Sparking plugs: N7YC
Gap: 0.025in

Carburetter Type
Twin SU H6
Jet size, main: 0.100
Needle recommendation: OA6

Borg & Beck Single dry plate
Material: Ferodo
Number of springs: 6
Four speed manual, synchromesh on top three ratios.
Top: 1.00
Third: 1.374
Second: 2.214
First: 3.64
Reverse: 4.76

Grade of oil: SAE 30
Capacity: 4.5 pints

Propellor Shaft
Hardy Spicer open shaft, needle bearing u/j at each end.

Final Drive
Live axle, hypoid bevel gears.
Ratio: 10/43
MPH/1000rpm: 17.3
Grade of oil: SAE 90
Capacity: 2.25 pints

Cooling System
Pressurised, thermostatic control, pump assisted. Capacity: 13.5 pints.

Fuel Tank Capacity
10 gallons. Tank located at rear of car under boot floor.

Body Styles
Open 2 seat and CoupÚ.
Numbers built: 2111

Reference Number 35431

as of 10/3/2020

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Stock Number 2BT1

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via A.Nobel n. 16/A  Phone    City  VILLORBA
31020 Villorba TV  Fax  +39 0422 910134  State  Treviso
Italy  Mobile  +39 39 39 123456  Country  Italy Italy
Car 1959/6 MG A Twin Cam
VIN YD3 2171 
Small Series  1656 of 2111 
Exterior / Interior Color      Ivory /      Red 
Registration Italy 
Condition Very Good 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
Options Competition: Racing Seats
Interior: Leather interior, Wooden steering wheel
Mechanics: Power Steering 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car
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