1960 Dodge PolaraSOLD

1960 Dodge Polara D-500 Hardtop Coupe

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$ 80,000 - $100,000 US

Dodge's first D-500 model debuted at the start of the 1956 model year. The origin of the name is a bit debatable, as it suggests the Indianapolis 500, but the Dodge Indy 500 pace cars and series of replicas were all 1954 models. It has also been opined that 500 was the number of cars to be built for acceptance as a production model. Confusing the matter is the crossed-checkered-flag medallion placed on the cars. Regardless, the D-500 package, available on the Royal Lancer hardtop coupe and convertible, comprised a high performance V-8 (260 or 276 brake horsepower, 315 cubic inch Hemi), suspension and drivetrain parts drawn from Chrysler and DeSoto, a larger exhaust and special ornamentation. Cars were given distinctive D-500 serial numbers. The package was extended to Coronet two-doors and later, without the heavy-duty suspension, to all models. Other versions of the D-500 engine ranged from 325 to 354 to 361 and 383 cubic inches from the 1957 to 1959 period. For 1960, there were two D-500s, a 361 cubic inch, dual four-barrel wedge engine making 310 brake horsepower and a cross ram 383 wedge developing 330 brake horsepower. The cross ram placed two four-barrels on opposite sides of the engine compartment, which were inducted through 30-inch tuned ram tubes that gave the engine extra boost. This Azure Polara Hardtop Coupe has been treated to a complete, nut-and-bolt restoration. It has the coveted cross ram 383, a TorqueFlite pushbutton three-speed automatic, power steering, power brakes, windshield washers and an AM radio with twin rear-mounted antennas. It is also equipped with power swivel seats and semi-buckets that pivot outward to make access and egress much easier, particularly for people of limited mobility. The interior is a blue vinyl-cloth combination, matching the Azure paint, and all is in very good condition. The steering wheel is most unusual, with sectors of the rim in clear acrylic flecked with silver. The alignment of the body and doors is excellent, the paint is superb, and the brightwork exhibits only a few minor scratches. Underneath, the car is as clean as one can image, and the floorpans are absolutely spotless in body color. The engine compartment is correctly detailed to a high degree of accuracy and is clean in all respects. It is fitted with a correct set of Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels. A full set of photographs of the restoration accompanies the car. One of the nicest 1960 Dodges to be found today, this car will be a superb addition to any collection.

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as of 9/16/2015

Car 1960 Dodge Polara
VIN 6307101191 
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