1965 Lotus Elan 26/4642 to R SpecificationSOLD

Lotus Elan 26/4642 to R Specification

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LHD Coupe

#26/4642 to R Specification


We are pleased to offer this well proven competitive Lotus Elan driven by John Sheldon

There has been no expense spared in the maintenance and development of this Lotus Elan. It has had in excess of 20 class wins, and outright wins including:

Tour de Espana 2004. 1st overall

Tour Auto 2005 1st Overall

Rally Isla D’Mallorca 2005 1st Overall

Coppa Costa Smerelda 2005 1st Overall

Centro Ore Modena 2008 1st Overall

Tour Britannia 2005-2008

6th overall 4th Class 2005

2nd overall 1st Class 2006

5th overall 1st Class 2007

3rd overall 1st Class 2008

1965 Series 2 Lotus Elan, with HTP Papers and Homologation Papers.

Built by Ricky Higgs Preparations in 2004, and further developed by him to current specification, with no expense spared.

The car had a full repaint and reprepared in October 2008, and has since competed on the Tour de Espana (finishing 2nd in class).


Fully strengthened chassis to 26R specification (and beyond???).

Weight 572 klgs

Full Safety Devices lightweight roll cage with Certificate.

Homologated heavy duty fully adjustable suspension, with disc brakes all round and bias pedal box.

Special custom built Koni dampers (to customer spec) all round - adjustable independently on bump and rebound. Can be adjusted to cope with dry or wet surfaces, and for rally stage or race track situations.

Quick ratio steering rack, positioned to maximise zero bump steer and is solidly mounted to chassis.

Homologated 6x13 Magnesium wheels (bolt-on) and 185/60x13 Tyres.


Lightweight, wide arch 26R specification bodyshell.

Plastic rear and side windows with slider apertures.

Laminated lightweight screen with 120 row heated element.

All fuel lines fully aeroquiped and inside car.

All brake lines fully aeroquiped and inside car.

Electrically fired FIA plumbed-in fire extinguisher system and hand held bottle.

Lightweight high back seats and mounting rails.

3” FIA 5-point harness belts.

International 2 Brantz trip meter with pick-up on front wheel.

FIA “FT3” spec Premier bag fuel tank with Certificate.

Facet red top fuel pump and pressure regulator.


Ricky Higgs Built

Lotus Ford Twin Cam 1598cc

Steel Crank Shelf

Steel Rods

Forged Pistons

171 bhp at the fly wheel on Rolling Road

Close ratio gearbox built into magnesium casing and bellhousing.

4-4:1 LSD diff in lightweight magnesium housing. – freshly built prior to Tour de Espana with new LSD unit and CWP.

Lightweight starter motor and alternator.

High capacity lightweight radiator and swirl pot with electric fan.

Freshly built engine with steel crank and rods, forged pistons etc.

4 branch exhaust manifold and stainless single box system.


There is a very comprehensive spares package, included: - Value £18,000 approx

4 corners

Front and rear dampers


Exhaust system

Magnesium wheels and tyres

Brake discs and calipers

Magnesium gearbox same as in car

Magnesium diff 4-4:1 ratio complete (ready for quick change over)

Alloy cased diff 4-4:1 (ready for quick change over)

Reference Number 36819

as of 1/9/2009

Car 1965 Lotus Elan 26/4642 to R Specification
Exterior / Interior Color      Red 
Mileage 78,000 miles 
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