1968 Porsche 911SOLD

1968 Porsche 911 Sport Purpose with Factory 2.2 S Engine and Orig. Engine. Built by Best in the Business! FRESH

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Reference Number 368219

as of 8/25/2015

Car 1968 Porsche 911
VIN 11835013 
Exterior / Interior Color      Green Mango Green 
Registration United States 
Mileage 8,700 miles 
Configuration Left Hand Drive (LHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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Known History



1968 Porsche 911 Coupe

Real Factory 2.2 S MFI Engine

Complete Original Engine Included

Bare Metal Custom Build by

Esposito, TLG, & Meaney

Stock #0672


VIN # 11835013

ENG# 6300452 (911/02) Factory S engine from 1970

8,700 Miles Since Build

Custom Blend Mango Green (L346)/Natural Brown Ferrari Perforated Leather

5-Speed 901 Gearbox

Clean and Clear Title

Recent Full Restoration/Build

Sorted and Tuned

Very Straight and Dry


Offered at $124,990


Building a tasteful sport-purpose SWB (short wheel base) 911 takes a careful eye and some restraint. It’s really all about the balance between power, weight, braking, and suspension. More often than not, people tend to go overboard and create something that really isn’t fun to drive. This long hood 911 is just the opposite. The owner hired some of the best people in the business to help build the perfect early 911 that begs to be driven and driven hard.


This build started over a half-decade ago. The owner is an active enthusiast with R Gruppe and the Early S community. Having owned countless early 911s, he wanted to build his “perfect” SWB example. It all started when he found a complete and original 2.2L 911S engine. It came from a 1970 911S that was totaled with only 2,000-miles and parted out. The engine spent close to 40-years in storage in the Pacific Northwest. He then found a very complete 1968 911 with a correct motor. Although it was painted burgundy at the time, he quickly realized that its original color was tangerine (6809). After the engine was rebuilt, it rendezvoused with the body in Southern California for the final build. The team of Esposito, TLG Auto and Meaney tackled this special project. John Esposito is recognized as one of the top auto metal guys in the Southwest and is responsible for some of the best hotrod 911 builds. The father and son team of Tony and Marco Gerace at TLG share the alley with Esposito and are also considered one of the best Porsche repair facilities in the area. Ralph Meaney had been racing Porsches since the late 1960s, successfully campaigning with both a 911 and 914-6. He rebuilt the 2.2S engine that is now in the car.


Meaney tore the engine down completely and rebuilt it from the ground up to stock 2.2 S specifications. Although Porsche rates this engine at 180hp, there are rumors this one is putting out a bit more and it certainly feels like it. Highlights of the engine build include more of the best in the business helping out as well.


These include:

Henry with Supertec supplying Mahle cylinders.

Tom with 1394racing providing many of the small bits and pieces including injectors.

Gus at Pacific Fuel Injection performing the MFI rebuild.

Matt Blast at Eurometrix rebuilding the throttle bodies.


The transmission is a 1967 911 gearbox that was completely torn down and rebuilt using 1969 gears: A F M S Z. Tony installed a factory short shifter as well. The transmission mount is a custom drilled out piece (see pic). This is by far the best 901 gearbox I’ve ever felt. It is butter smooth and as my long time car friend, Dave, used to describe, “…it’s like the perfect mechanical handshake between the engine and gears.”


TLG restored the rest of the mechanicals and reassembled the car. They detailed the engine and performed their final tuning magic.


The original 2.0L aluminum motor that came with the car is very complete including its original Webers. It is a blank case as it was probably replaced when the car was fairly new. It is in storage and will be included with the sale.


The suspension is a blend/balance between old and new. The front end is all rebuilt Carrera parts: sway bars, brakes, struts, etc. The rear is rebuilt original SWB. Bilstein HD shocks/struts were used with Marco-styled stock (supple) torsion bars. Front and rear sway bars were also installed. The alignment and brake balance is spot on. The car is very neutral for a SWB car and is easy to drive fast without any nasty habits.


The muffler is a vintage 911-hotrod two-in/dual-out Ansa system from Tony’s personal stash.


A later and larger fuel tank (22 gallons approx.) was used as this car was intended for long vintage tours.


The interior is minimalistic and strictly a reflection of the pure function. I thought it would be too raw, but cruising down the freeway at 80mph was actually quite pleasant and comfortable. The dash top is fresh as is the headliner. The seats are a pair of GTS early-style buckets wrapped in Ferrari-brown perforated leather. They are comfortable and supportive. Belts are a combination of vintage period-style lap and shoulder harnesses. They are correctly attached to the rear parcel shelf as Porsche did with that style car. The roll hoop is simple early style bar that still allows you to access the rear for storage. There is lightweight carpet throughout with correct rubber floor mats covered with matching Coco mats. The door panels are simple R/RS style with leather pulls. Original ’67 911 “green” gauges were sourced from France, sent to North Hollywood Speedometer, and restored with the correct redline hash for this 2.2 S engine. The final touch was the installation of a unique 1960’s Momo Indy wood steering wheel with correct original Momo/Porsche crest horn button. It is the perfect diameter for the look and feel of this 911.


Anywhere the owner could retain originality, he did by preserving and using all the glass (except windscreen), aluminum dash, original hood crest, deck lid grill, and turn signals. This is a nice reminder of what the car once was.


Esposito nicely packaged all of these details in an intensive body restoration. The car was completely taken apart and stripped down to the bare metal. Every hidden rust spot was exposed, surgically removed and properly repaired the old school way; metal pounding and welding. Once finished and after much deliberation, mango green paint was selected. The license panel was painted in tangerine to pay homage to the car’s original color. Rare factory 15x6 “deep six” Fuchs with hearts were sourced and restored by Al Reed in a double anodized frosted RSR finish.


The final build weighed in at exactly 2,220 lbs.


For the past 4-years, the car has been used for several vintage tours and during this time, it has been tweaked and tuned for optimal performance. It is hard to explain the value of getting a “sorted” vintage car. This certainly is that.


The body is in excellent condition with minimal signs of use. There is a small chip on the driver’s door. The body/panel gaps are nearly perfect and the doors make that patented Porsche ring when they close. The interior is in equally nice condition with just mild signs of wear on the carpet and seats.


Of course, the best part about this Porsche is the way it drives. Within the first couple of miles, it is clear that the focus of this build was to build a great driving vintage Porsche. They achieved this goal in spades. The throttle response snaps and the engine makes a wonderful howl at 4,500 rpm. The handling is very crisp and easy to control without those typical SWB nasty tail-wagging habits (easy enough to induce on intention). It is the best SWB 911 I have ever driven and arguably one of the best feeling long-hood 911s as well.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Paul at 714-335-4911 or paul@autokennel.com


For tons of photos, go to: www.AutoKennel.com


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