1932 Gar Wood 28’ Triple Cockpit Runabout "Lively LadySOLD

1932 Gar Wood 28’ Triple Cockpit Runabout "Lively Lady"

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To be offered at auction at RM Sotheby's Hershey event, October 8-9, 2015. To view this car and others currently consigned to this auction, please visit the RM website at rmsothebys.com/.

$275,000 - $300,000 US

Scripps V-12 marine engine. Length: 28 ft.

One of only seven produced in 1932
Beautifully restored and presented

Garfield Arthur Wood was one of America's original rock star industrialists. He built a successful enterprise out of inventing and carefully patenting the hydraulic mechanism to lift the beds of dump trucks. World War I increased demand for the devices, as army trucks building and repairing roads under enemy fire were able to deposit their loads quickly and then get out of harm's way. As a result, Wood became a very wealthy man.

In 1916, Wood began to indulge his dream and passion of dominating powerboat racing by purchasing Miss Detroit, the 1915 Gold Cup winner, from the association that sponsored her. This began a six-year boat-building partnership between Wood and Chris Smith, of Chris-Craft, which would change racing on the water forever.

Personally involved in the design and construction of his race boats, Wood's attention to detail showed. He won the Gold Cup from 1917 through to 1921, at which time the rules committee outlawed the use of aero engines in an attempt to lessen Wood's all-out domination of the sport! Disillusioned by this development, he decided to pursue racing on the international stage, and he did so in typical Gar Wood style. His capture of the International Harmsworth Trophy in 1920 began an unprecedented string of annual Harmsworth victories.

Wood also moved into production of boats. After World War I, he acquired 4,500 surplus Liberty V-12 engines from various manufacturers and formed the Detroit Marine-Aero Engine Company to convert them to marine use. These were used in the 33-foot Baby Gar runabouts, which were hand-built for the wealthy few that could afford a boat that cost three times the price of an average three-bedroom American home. From this rather unplanned beginning, Gar Wood Inc. had a major impact on pleasure boating in America, as it built some of the best-engineered, best-built, and most beautiful watercraft ever made. Boatbuilding was a personal passion for Gar Wood, and his other endeavors allowed him the financial freedom to build boats in the quality and with the attention to detail for which he was known.

The Triple-Cockpit Runabout offered here, a beautiful example of a Gar Wood, was fully restored in the 1990s by respected craftsman Roger Johnson. It features the best possible example of the model's iconic lines, with a beautifully appointed interior and spectacular woodwork both inside and out. Under the engine hatch is the mighty Scripps V-12, which provides outstanding performance.

Well restored and presented with its custom trailer, this is truly, in every way, a Lively Lady.

Reference Number 371881

as of 10/11/2015

Car 1932 Gar Wood 28’ Triple Cockpit Runabout "Lively Lady
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