1965 Ferrari 275 GTB shortnoseSOLD
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1965 Ferrari 275 GTB

Chassis: 7765
Engine: 7765

The Ferrari 275 GT replaced the 250 GT and was launched at the Paris Motorshow in 1964. 440 cars were built and production ceased in 1966 when the 4 cam model was introduced. Significant improvements on the 250 GT model included a combined gearbox and differential unit in a transaxle and the provision of independent rear suspension. The engine capacity was 3285 cc giving a top speed in excess of 150 mph.

This car was supplied new on the 22nd September 1966 to Count Fredric Chandon of the Champagne family. He kept it for a year before selling it to racing enthusiast Claude Bouscary who traded a 7 litre Cobra in the deal. The Ferrari had the potential he wanted and was the car he drove to victory in the French GT Championship of 1967.

Although a steel car with aluminium openings Count Chandon had ordered a special car as it was light, weighing only 1220 kg; the standard 275 is about 1450. It had a high performance blue-printed engine and the ZF transaxle internals that were built in the series of 1965 “Cliente Competition” cars. As he was going racing Bouscary also fitted six Webber carbs. Today this set up is producing in excess of 320 bhp, in 1967 it was unbeatable.

Bouscary sold the car in 1968 to another Frenchman, Mr. Lartilleux. In 1972 during a test the French Ferrari agent Pozzi crashed the car and ended up replacing it with a Daytona. Pozzi subsequently sold the 275 to a Mr. F. Maria. The car remained in his ownership until 1988 when it is sold to Pierre Coquet who undertakes a complete restoration from 1989 to 1991. Then in 1997 the car was sold to Jean Guikas and it was about to go racing again.

In January 1998 the Ferrari Factory accepted the car for the prestigious Shell Historic Ferrari Challenge because of its build sheets and its original racing history. The FIA also accepted the car for racing and papers were granted for it in September 1998. Race preparation was extensive and the engine rebuild included the fitting of Carillo rods, 275 LM pistons and camshafts. The brakes and suspension were race prepared and wishbones from a 275 GTB/c were fitted. The car was successfully raced by Guikas in the 1998 season and proved to be faster than all of the GTO’s, SWB’s and 275 GTB/C’s and some of the competition Daytonas. Amongst the results are two fourth places and one first.

The car was sold to Dutch enthusiast Nico Koel in 1999 who continued to race the car in the Ferrari Challenge and also on the Tour Auto and Tour D’ Espagne with mechanical preparation by Roelofs Engineering.

The car was with Olivier Cazalieres in 2003 and he again raced it on that years Tour Auto and Tour D’ Espagne.

The car is offered for sale today in great running condition and with its original patinated interior in Tobacco leather. It retains its original engine still fitted with the six carb set up that proved so potent. It has a factory original 120 litre FIA approved fuel tank. A four point roll bar with four point racing straps. A plumbed in fire system is fitted along with an external electrical cut off. For reliability the car has been fitted with a modern alternator and for maximum power (& noise!!) there is a set of side exhaust pipes.

In short this car has everything you would want in a car to go racing but which is still roadable for the weekend. Those who know the car refer to it as “The Blue Bullet” and for good reason.

Reference Number 372

as of 6/1/2006

Car 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB shortnose
VIN 7765 
Exterior / Interior Color      Dark Blue /      Tan 
Options Exterior: Metallic paint 
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