1927 Marmon E7585.000-90.000 AUD - Estimate

A 1927 Marmon E75 Chassis: Fedco ID 10RL21 Engine: 548E

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Marmon is a rare American manufacturer and its automobiles were only produced between 1902 and 1933, its closure brought about by the economic strain of the Great Depression. Despite being little remembered and of limited production numbers, the cars themselves were of considerable quality. Marmons were built in Indianapolis, where in 1911 the Marmon Wasp, driven by company engineer Ray Harroun won the inaugural Indy 500.According to the 2015Marmon Directory (from The Marmon Club in USA) there are now 460 surviving Marmon cars, world wide in varying stages of repair. Approximately only 155 of these cars are drivable or totally restored.

The D.M.Sechler Carriage Company was founded in 1888 in Moline, Illinois and in August1925, the firm was reorgansied, emerging as the E.H. Wilson Manufacturing Co. The Wilson company manufactured production bodies for Marmon and for General Motors' recently organised Yellow Truck and Coach Mfg. Co. In late 1925 Wilson received a record order from Yellow Cab for 1,000 taxi-cab bodies, but the coach builder is best-remembered for the small series of bodies itmanufactured for the 1927 Marmon E-75 Speedster.

This stunning example of the Marmon E75 is the only seven seater Marmon with a coach built body by E.H.Wilson, No 4-068. According to the Marmon Club of USA this is the only 7-passenger custom built speedster (tourer) in the world, built by this body builder, making it a unique car. The E.H. Wilson Manufacturing Company went out of business in 1932 at about the same time as did the Marmon Motor Car Co. This car's mechanical history started in 1916 with the production of the 6 cylinder Marmon Mod 34A. Progressive mechanical improvements were made to the 34A over the years, culminating in the E75 the fifth & final version of the 34, and the last of the 6 cylinder cars Marmon produced. All together 42,800, 6 cylinder cars were produced in 12 years, at an average of 3567 cars per year. The 1927 E75 accounted for 3000 cars, of which there are about 20 surviving according to the Marmon Club Register (USA). Marmon USA manufactured right hand drive cars completely bodied for the export market including Australia.

Maintained in superb order by a Marmon collector and expert this is perhaps the finest Marmon, renowned for quality and innovative engineering, available. It was purchased by its current owner in 1994 from Mr. Ken Greenwood in Aubrey. The AOMC records reveal that Dr A.B. Webb of Linton, Vic owned the car in 1927 when the registration number was 716. No records exist from 1927-1930, but in 1935 the registration was 230-659 & then in 1950 it was PL119.
Car 716 was owned by Mrs Elizabeth Cohen of Bentleigh.(presumably purchased from Dr Webb) It appears that Elizabeth transferred the ownership of the car to Gwen Cohen with rego 230 659. & then in 1950 Mr. George Duke of Sorrento owned the car (PL 119) until 1966.
The car was displayed at Motorclassica in 2012 & Mr. Dukes' son recognised the car & confirmed ownership of it because he remembered the engine number 548E. He was able to provide past registration papers/details as given above.

Reference Number 378048

as of 10/9/2015

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Car 1927 Marmon E75
VIN Fedco ID 10RL21 Engine: 548E 
Exterior / Interior Color      Grey /      Red 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
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See all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this CarSee all the Images for this Car