1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Prototype by Pinnin Farina SOLD
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Full Restoration Partially Completed

1952 Ferrari 212 Inter 2+2 by Pinnin Farina
s/n 0229EL, Engine No. 0229EL
Maserati Blue with Light Blue Leather

While today the association between Ferrari and Pinin Farina seems so perpetual and natural as to always have been, it was not until 1952, five years after the first Ferrari, that Pinin Farina built its first body for a Ferrari. Indeed, Ferraris had not always been beautiful, and some early ones might even be considered awkward by today`s standards. Though the bodies by such coachbuilders as Ghia and Vignale were glamorous, they lacked a cohesiveness and cleanness that would be necessary to cement a recognizable identity for Ferrari, and it was in Pinin Farina that Ferrari found the ability to produce simple yet elegant cars that would appeal to wider audiences. Today, a Ferrari not bodied by Pinin Farina is almost unthinkable, which speaks to the effectiveness and longevity of the collaboration between these two legendary Italian firms. Indeed, neither firm would possess its undeniable mystique were it not for the association with the other, a true indication of the significance of the partnership.

This relationship began with a single car, this car, which was constructed on the 28th of July, 1952. This chassis became the very first Pinnin Farina bodied Ferrari Coupe, and one of just 15 Pinnin Farina 212 Inters produced. It has been described as the prototype example for the remainder of the Pinnin Farina bodied 212 line, and also is said by the current owner to have been delivered new to Enzo Ferrari himself. It left the factory in its current color scheme of Maserati blue with light blue leather and dark blue piping, fitting for the July weather of 1952. The car appeared in the US in the early 1970s fitted with a Chevrolet engine. It passed through a number of hands before being acquired by the current owner who bought it solely with the intent of restoring it in its original trim to show standards. The car was reunited with its original engine, and a comprehensive restoration started.

Thus far, the car has been prepped for paint and painted, the lights and lenses installed, the suspension restored and hung, the brake system installed, a new wiring harness fabricated and installed, had much of the chrome related and mounted, had window glass installed, and had underside and floors restored and detailed. The interior is nearly finished. The dash has been painted, the interior chrome restored, had new headliner material fitted, and had the front are rear seats, and rear window shelf reupholstered. The engine bay; inner fender wells, frame tubes, and firewall have been restored and are fully detailed with all new wiring, cables, and hardware, all the way down to the wiper blades. All the mechanical components mounted to the car thus far have been restored.

The repaint has been done in the car`s original color. It is a high quality job, and since the car has not yet been used, there are minimal flaws. A few small chips have appeared a result of the reassembly process. The front and rear bumpers, door handles, and the grille assembly have been completely restored. New Westinghouse headlight assemblies have been sourced and installed. The both the windshield and side windows have light scratches, but there are no chips or cracks anywhere in any of the glass. With the car are some body trim pieces which mount to the bottom of the car, and have been painted to match the body. All the old lamp assemblies have been retained and come with the car.
The car sits on nice 15 X 6 Borrani wire wheels with silver painted centers.

The interior has also seen much restoration work. The dash and window surrounds are painted to match the color and quality of the exterior. The gauges are freshly restored with no fading to the internal readouts. The leather is plush and in excellent, like new condition, including the door panels, which are not yet installed. The new headliner material is also excellent. The door jams are nicely painted, but the aluminum sill plates remain unrestored. A refinished flat Nardi wood wheel comes with the car. No steering shaft has been fabricated. In the package are also several interior chrome pieces not installed in the car. Chrome caps for the door, the right door handles in and out, and the luggage straps mounts are included. New sun visors have also been made. All the extra leather upholstery has been saved.

The trunk has seen moderate restoration work, but no carpet is installed. The spare tire comes with the car is mounted on a correct Borrani wire wheel. The trunk latch is restored, but not mounted, as is the support.

The engine bay and underside are both totally restored. The inner fender wells, frame rails, suspension components, floors, and firewall are freshly repainted in correct semi-gloss black. The hood latch is restored, but not mounted, as is the support.

The engine and gearbox are the matching number units for this chassis, and have been the subjects of a complete mechanical overhaul with new pistons, liners, Corello rods, cams, headers, bearings, synchros, etc. The heads too are completely rebuilt with all new and hardened valve train equipment, and modern valve guide seals. The heads have not yet been paired to the engine block. The car comes with a set of new head gaskets. Several cast exterior engine covers, all restored, come with car. There are probably extra covers. There are chassis supports for the gearbox, which are restored.

The correct Weber Typo. 36 DCE-3 carburetors (serial number 190, 336, and 332) have been completely rebuilt, along with the air cleaner housings, and come with car. With the carburetors is the intake manifold and new manifold gaskets. There are also two used air filters, and some throttle linkage, but not very much.

New exhaust headers have been fabricated, and a few new exhaust hangers have been sourced, but the remainder of the exhaust system past the headers will need to be built.

Several new fuel pumps have been sourced, and many extra, used units come with the car. New fuel lines have been fabricated, but not installed. Many new and used fuel filters and filter bowls come with the car. The sender for the fuel tank has been restored and is with the car.

A new oil filter exists, along with a used one. Two new breather caps have been manufactured. Other, unrestored oil filter equipment comes with the car, but is probably not useable. The oil cooler is fully restored.

New spark plug wires, distributor caps, rotors, condensers, points, and plug leads have been sourced. Two new correct coils are included. There are many extra rotors, point sets, and distributor caps. There are several used distributors, but it is known that one of the two distributor housings is missing. A totally rebuilt, correct generator has been sourced, and comes with the car.

The radiator is restored and ready to install, and while there are not new water lines, the old lines have been kept for patterns. There is also the old water temp sender and housing. Finally, a new fan belt has been purchased.

Some steering related tie-rod ends and one steering shaft have been restored and are ready to install. During the restoration process, the car was returned to right hand drive, as it was delivered new.

The new clutch assembly is mounted to the back of the engine with the finished flywheel. A second new clutch disc comes with the car.

There are also brake parts which have been restored, but not mounted to the car. Two backing plates for the drums, and a number of other brake related items. Several master cylinder and slave cylinders rebuilt kits come with the car.

A large selection of new suspension bump rubbers comes with the car, most of which are probably extras.

There is no drive shaft, but there are a few new universal joints.

The old wiper motor has been retained, but a completely new unit is included.

New and old tachometer and speedometer cables come with the car, along with a myriad of other wires, wire housings, electrical connectors, and electrical circuit boards, mostly restored, come with it.

Lots and lots of basic, but very helpful nuts and bolts, more that would be possible to list here, are included.

Much of the difficult work has already been completed. The work completed to date is of very high standard, and there are duplicates of many of the smaller items. We are sure that the steering shaft, horn button, left side door handle buttons inside and out, one of the two distributor housings are missing. There may be other items missing. Obviously, reassembly and final detailing are required to bring this car back to a road going state. It is sure to be the focus of much attention from the motoring world once completed, both as a beautiful performance machine, and as an interesting piece history for both Ferrari, and perhaps their most famous coach builder, Pinnin Farina.

Reference Number 3821

as of 9/10/2006

Car 1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Prototype by Pinnin Farina
VIN 0229EL 
Exterior / Interior Color Maserati Blue / Light Blue  
Mileage 3,109 miles 
Options Interior: Leather interior 
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