1950 Jaguar XK 120 ‘Competition’SOLD
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Without doubt the Fifties was the golden era of sports racing and Jaguar were at the forefront of this very exciting and significant period. By winning Le Mans in 1951 and four subsequent years that decade Jaguar promoted itself to a company of international renown and perceived quality. Bill Heynes, the most influential man at Jaguar after Lyons himself, described Le Mans as …” the longest and most arduous of all races in the world. The value to the company cannot be assessed in pounds, shillings and pence – it gives a world prestige to the winning car that no other race or sequence of races can confer and is without doubt the most sought after hallmark in the motoring world." In early 1950, it was decided to build a very small number of ‘works’ XK 120’s for competition. These five cars were specially assembled with uprated pistons and bearings. On the chassis, the steering and suspension points were reamed for better fit and all bolts were split pinned. New linings were designed for the brakes and the drums were made up with steel back plates with cooling holes. Customized fuel tanks were produced by Abbey Panels with outside filler. The first outing for chassis 660041 which was supplied to Australian L.H. ‘Nick’ Haines was the Mille Miglia where it is said that the reason all the Ferraris eventually retired was because Jaguar pushed them so hard they destroyed themselves! Haines was 9th at Rome but an accident deprived them of a higher finish. Next up was Le Mans where 041 was the highest placed XK and finished 12th overall! It has often been said that Lyons went to Le Mans in 1950 and gave the go-ahead there and then to produce an all-out competition car. 041 then claimed 2nd place at 1950 Production car race at Silverstone with future Le Mans winner Tony Rolt sharing with Haines. 041 continued to be raced throughout 1950 with featuring an outing on the Alpine Rally before going onto compete at the Tourist Trophy at Dundrod in N.Ireland. 041 was subsequently owned for many years by a one family before a comprehensive restoration by marque expert John Pearson for the present owner. He has used the car sparingly and it is in superb condition throughout and must be regarded as a highly important piece of Jaguar history.

Reference Number 38361

as of 2/6/2009

Car 1950 Jaguar XK 120 ‘Competition’
VIN 660041 
Exterior / Interior Color      Green /      Tan 
Configuration Right Hand Drive (RHD) 
Transmission Manual Shift 
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