1911 Ford Model T Torpedo RunaboutSOLD


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Estimate: $35,000-$55,000 US

Sold: $33,000.00

176.7 cu. in. four-cylinder engine with Rajo BB OHV cylinder head, two-speed planetary transmission, transverse springs front and rear and contracting band in transmission brake. Wheelbase: 100"

Introduced in October of 1908 as a completely new offering from Ford, the Model T remained in production in much the same form for 19 years, during which time 15 million examples were built. January 1911 saw the introduction of a completely restyled Model T featuring new fenders, wheels, body and a slightly revised brass radiator. Later in the year a new engine and front and rear axle were added. The lighting consisted of all brass lamps: gas headlamps with oil (kerosene) side and tail lamps. The rear axle was now cast-iron, with the front axle design incorporating spindles with separate steering arms. Ford bodies were now made with steel panels over a wooden framework and two new styles were offered, a Torpedo Runabout and Open Runabout, both of which differed from the other models by virtue of their curved fenders, longer hood and lower seating positions and steering column. The gas tank was located on the rear deck and the Torpedo, unlike the Open Runabout, had two doors.

Finished in red and black, the handsome Model T Torpedo on offer was acquired by the current California owner from an elderly gentleman in his neighborhood, who was an enthusiast of early Fords and a member of various Ford clubs. As he frequently participated in tours, this car was well-equipped with various modern accessories, making it capable of even highway driving. Following its acquisition, the owner’s restoration shop commenced a full frame-off restoration, which was completed nine months ago. While the car has been driven very sparingly since, it continues to run and drive very well and retains all of the desirable equipment installed by the previous owner, including the rare OHV Rajo BB cylinder head, dual original Winfield carburetors, “A” crankshaft, mild cam, Jahns pistons, rings and custom headers. Other features include GM clutch discs, a stainless water pump, dual coil eight-wire distributor ignition system, a 12-volt alternator with gauge and an electric starter with key starting to complement the original crank starter. Finally, this Model T is equipped with a 3:1 Ruckstell axle, Buffalo wheels with locks and new tires, Rocky Mountain outside brakes and an Airmore exhaust whistle.

Of course, the extensive brass trim is highly attractive and includes the running board-mounted brass gas lamp generator, radiator, horn, lamps, windshield frames and engine compartment. Professionally restored and beautifully presented, this delightful and sporting Model T is well suited for future touring duty, events or simply the occasional open air drive.

Reference Number 38531

as of 2/10/2009

Car 1911 Ford Model T Torpedo Runabout
VIN 452515 
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