1908 Buick Model 10 Touring RunaboutSOLD


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Estimate: $40,000-$60,000 US

Sold: $39,600

22.5bhp, 165 cu. in. L-head four-cylinder engine, two-speed planetary transmission, solid front axle with semi-elliptic leaf springs, live rear axle with fully-elliptic leaf springs, and two-wheel mechanical brakes. Wheelbase: 90"

David Dunbar Buick’s greatest claim to fame might have been his discovery of porcelainized cast iron, had it not been for his well-engineered automobile. Although the Buick was a sound design, production was low until William C. “Billy” Durant took control. By 1908, under Durant’s guidance, Buick became the top-ranked automobile manufacturer in America, and the cornerstone of General Motors.

On Buick’s 90th Anniversary, Lawrence R. Gustin reflected on the lasting significance of the marque, citing a newspaper article dating to 1940 by respected columnist Chris Sinsabaugh. It stated, “Buick was the first real success in the automobile industry and did more to promote the industry’s well-being in terms of public education, engineering advancement, and manufacturing progress than perhaps any other company.”

One example of Buick’s leadership and early innovation is the Model 10, which quickly became the company’s best-selling model. More than 4,000 examples were built in the first year, 8,100 the next, and during 1910, its last year, production approached 11,000, by far the greatest of any Buick model until 1914. The owner of this particular example acquired the car after long-term display in a southern museum, and it continues to display a high quality older restoration, evidently benefiting from many years of careful and sympathetic preservation.

It is very attractively finished in bright ivory white with gold coach lining, maroon upholstery and a black top, and its two-seat, right-hand drive Runabout body is augmented by a single rear “mother-in-law” seat. The car also benefits from an array of bright brass trim including Gray & Davis head, cowl and taillights, as well as the running board-mounted acetylene generator, radiator shell and windshield frame, beading, and trim. In addition, “No Skid” tires surround ivory white wood spoke wheels. This Buick is powered by a 165 cubic inch, four-cylinder engine, which is rated at 22.5 brake horsepower and is mated to a two-speed planetary transmission.

Originally priced from just $900, the Model 10 was a resounding commercial success. Today, this high quality example is freshly detailed and remains drivable, show-worthy, and complete with an extensive

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as of 2/10/2009

Car 1908 Buick Model 10 Touring Runabout
VIN 928 
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