1966 Ferrari 330 GTCSOLD

1966 Ferrari 330 GTC

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PROVENANCE California State Leasing (acquired in 1974) Tom Meakin, Berkeley, California (acquired in 1976) Randy Hill, Burlingame, California (acquired from the above in 1986) Willard Quinn, Spokane, Washington (acquired in 1995) Carey Kendall, Santa Barbara, California (acquired in 1995) Helene Wickett and John Burton, Redwood City, California (acquired in 1996) Chuck Wray, Great Falls, Virginia (acquired from the above in 2009) Current Owner (acquired from the above) EXHIBITED Santa Barbara Concours d’Elegance, Santa Barbara, California, 1995 Concorso Italiano, Carmel, California, August 1996 THIS CAR Introduced at the Geneva Auto Show in 1966, the Ferrari 330 GTC is a delicate combination of a refined grand tourer and an aggressive sports car. Combining styling cues from Ferrari’s limited-production coachbuilt offerings with sporting mechanical innovations that debuted on the 275 GTB and GTS, the 330 GTC was among the first Ferraris to provide both a dynamic driving experience and passenger comfort in one reliable package. With its 300 bhp V-12 and manageable 94" wheelbase (10" shorter than the 330 GT), the GTC was capable of 0 to 60 mph in under 7 seconds, all while retaining the sports car handling one expects from a Ferrari. In shortening the wheelbase, designers removed the rear seats and replaced them with a rear parcel creating a true two-seat gran turismo. After driving a 330 GTC, Paul Frère, ex-Ferrari factory race driver and journalist, said, “The greatest surprise is the silence of the engine. In handling, the 330 GTC is exactly like all Ferraris [that] I have driven before. It is close to being as neutral a vehicle as one could want, and if pushed to the limits of adhesion on a dry road, it is the rear which gently breaks loose first, in a marvelously controllable manner, and with slight variations possible in response to speed changes. I much prefer this discrete final understeer to the more decidedly understeering characteristic of the 330 GT.” This 330 GTC, chassis 09895, is a well-maintained West Coast car that has benefited from decades of meticulous care under three long-term owners. Known provenance starts in 1976 and is documented by a comprehensive file including service and repair invoices dating from 1976 to 2012. This extensive documentation shows the great level of detailed attention that has been lavished on chassis 09895 by marque specialists. Importantly, the documentation indicates that this Ferrari was never fully disassembled for restoration, instead being driven, maintained, and refurbished as needed. In 1996, after being held by a series of owners in California and Washington, this 330 GTC was sold to Helene Wickett and John Burton, accomplished musicians from Redwood City, California. They commissioned an acclaimed Ferrari specialist, Patrick Ottis, to inspect the car on their behalf. Mr. Ottis reported that the vehicle, which then displayed 63,134 miles on the odometer, was “a straight, very nice example.” This report and three additional invoices from Ottis are just a part of the trove of information in this car’s sizable maintenance file. In 2009, the car was sold to Chuck Wray, a highly regarded marque specialist then working for DEW Motorcars in Great Falls, Virginia. Wray resisted restoring the Ferrari, instead sympathetically addressing the car’s needs while preserving its originality. DEW Motorcars rebuilt the engine and its ancillaries, work that was completed in August of 2011 at 74,535 miles, as documented by the included invoices. Currently used for weekend drives as part of a collection of important postwar sports cars, this 330 GTC wears an older, high-quality repaint in silver, and interior finishes that are thought to be largely original, with attractive black leather upholstery and contrasting red carpets. Showing patina from years of careful use, this incredibly attractive Ferrari is perfect for the enthusiast owner searching for a GTC that presents incredibly well but offers the driving experience that only a fundamentally original example can provide. Carefully documented, enjoying years of meticulous stewardship, and displaying just 75,270 miles at the time of cataloguing, this Ferrari is a unique example of an honest 330 GTC that has been allowed to age gracefully.

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as of 2/1/2016

Car 1966 Ferrari 330 GTC
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